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Vonnie's Ireland

Greetings my beautiful flist,

I think you are all enjoying Vonnie's Ireland as much as I am (I promise when these Ireland posts are over,I'm going back to being called Yvonne again hahaha)

Today, I am bringing you all into my house (clean your feet on the way in and make a wish. Aparently when you cross a threshold for the first time you make a wish)

This is going to be fun I think, it's a very big post and there is alot to see. My house seems to look alot better in good light for some reason. It does in these photographs anyway.

Okay, lets get started, Welcome into my home :)

 photo DSC01879_zps47fb5ba0.jpg

This is the first room you see when you come through my
front door. Say hello to miss Charlie, shes sleeping on
my mom's bed in the sitting room :)

 photo DSC01880_zpsdbddcf43.jpg

This is further into the sitting room, here you can
see alot of family photo's and a nice plant where
a tv used to sit. But since we converted down there
into my mom's bedroom the tv has been moved

 photo DSC01881_zps4f2e5d62.jpg

Here we have a still from the movie The Quiet Man,
I think my neighour bought this for my dad, a long
time ago.

 photo DSC01882_zps8a9ed84d.jpg

This is my mom's bed, say hi miss Charlie again lol.
She usually sleeps there at night as well :)

 photo DSC01883_zps05ba0565.jpg

This is the other corner of my sitting room.
I don't mind that it's converted for me mom when she
comes to stay. The stairs are too much for her legs now
and I never use it anyway :)

 photo DSC01884_zpsa30406db.jpg

This is the dining room, where we all sit and chat
and this is one of my fave rooms in my house. It
seems to look alot brighter than it usually does,
but thats just great lighting from out back.

 photo DSC01885_zps6d4ff16a.jpg

Here it is from a different angle, now you can see
how dull it is. That sofa is actually third hand lol,
but I try to keep it well clean :)

 photo DSC01886_zpse5ca6c2f.jpg

Here is the top of the first set of stairs
(there is three in my house) and at the top
of the stairs you can see charlie's water bowl
which sits on her mat that say's 'The Boss Eats Here'

 photo DSC01887_zps6a518472.jpg

Oh, here we go, this is me bathroom.:)

 photo DSC01888_zpsfb9855ef.jpg

Here is the last set of stairs in the house.
That carpet is over ten years old, it could
do with a good clean it's filthy lol.

 photo DSC01889_zps7d33ac10.jpg

This is my kitchen, there's hardly any room it
at all. It's quite tiny. I remember as a child
if too many people were in the kitchen when dinner
was being made, my dad used to say there's too
many chiefs and not enough indians lol.

 photo DSC01890_zpseac3a884.jpg

This is the other side of the kitchen,
that wall hasn't been wallpapered in
over ten years lol. Over time many people
have written stuff on it.

 photo DSC01892_zpsd1565c42.jpg

This plant sits on my kitchen window
with a salt and pepper shaker one of you
recently sent me :)

 photo DSC01893_zpsacde7b4b.jpg

Another veiw of my kitchen :)

 photo DSC01894_zps618c391d.jpg

This door leads outside to my back garden.

 photo DSC01895_zps11c34ec6.jpg

Just a small view of the corner
of the dining room :)

 photo DSC01896_zpse9ea467f.jpg

Lol,I got her attention this time :)
This was taken when I was standing at
the top of the stairs. I zoomed the camera in
on here and whistled, and she looked up. I think
this is by far the cutest pic I have ever seen
of Charlie. Look at that wee face *loves her*

 photo DSC01897_zpse9f2a80d.jpg

I love how big my bath looks here,wow lol.

 photo DSC01898_zps868864e5.jpg

Me mom insisted I take a pic of her
nails my sister paid for her to get done.
They are her own she just got them manicured :)

 photo DSC01899_zpscee23bca.jpg

This is the view from my bedroom window.
It's raining very heavy here but you can't notice it.

 photo DSC01900_zpsadcdd1e5.jpg

This is my computer corner (by the way we are now in
my bedroom)

 photo DSC01901_zpse5a51976.jpg

One of you sent me a jigsaw of Brian with Teddy
and I made it up and put it into this frame,last
year I think.

 photo DSC01902_zps03813735.jpg

What I treasure most :)

 photo DSC01903_zps888c1b40.jpg

Someone got me this last Christmas :)
It's a clock.

 photo DSC01904_zps07c2b390.jpg

As you can see, I'm slightly (just ever so slightly,
mind you) obsessed with these people lol :)

 photo DSC01905_zps3d49859f.jpg

This is the wee table beside my bed
(yes, I forgot to take my mouth-guard I wear to
bed every night back into it's wee container
but it's in it now lol)

 photo DSC01906_zpsdb2eba51.jpg

This hangs on the back of my bedroom door
(I got it a few years ago)

 photo DSC01907_zpsdfba4181.jpg

This my wardrobe (that I hate)
but you can only see a bit of it here)

 photo DSC01908_zps6bd721d6.jpg

My tv (Again, I'm not obsessed by
Gale or Randy as you can see)

 photo DSC01909_zpsce572043.jpg

Do you know anyone who wore one of these? lol

 photo DSC01910_zps812f41de.jpg

I really need to get a frame for these,
they are laminated presently just waiting
to be framed.

 photo DSC01911_zps202c930f.jpg

Say hi to Ruby,one of you sent me her :)

 photo DSC01912_zpsbd678b30.jpg

A closer look (not sure why lol)

 photo DSC01913_zps8b1453e0.jpg

This is where we sleep (yes, they all sleep on my bed too
lol) That's Tinkerbell (the white cat)and the star wars dude
who I think is called Yoda, a dolphin called Mitzee and
a small bear called Sasha.

 photo DSC01914_zps7a38d536.jpg

The view straight a head from my bed :)

 photo DSC01915_zpsd66a4136.jpg

Where you see Gale Harold written it's actually
cross stiching I did a few years ago, it needs a wee
frame too :)

 photo DSC01916_zps6793b439.jpg

That's my blue gym ball,it sits behind
my computer chair but I put it at the bottom of my bed to
take these photo's :)

 photo DSC01917_zps40b0c96a.jpg

One of Randy's autographs that Judy got me :)

I'm afraid that brings us to the end folks,
did you have a nice visit? I sure hope you did.

Charlie and I loved having you all stop by,and
do call again, you're welcome any time :)
Tags: my house, part three, vonnie' ireland
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