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Vonnie's Ireland

Yup, I'm still doing Vonnie's Ireland hehehe. This time I will be bringing you to where I live, my park. These are the places I see everday. My house (Obviously lol) and the surrounding area's of it. Out the front and back and just round the corners. I hope you'll enjoy this little trip with me. I had so much fun out today taking all these pics for this post.

We will start the post with my babies, Princess Charlie, Princess Billie and His Royal Highness, Milo lol.

By the way, this post took me most of the day to do,seriously. I really enjoyed doing it. Pop in and have peak at what I posted :)

My Park Twenty photo park26_zps4cb2484b.jpg

Charlie...Shes a bit grumpy today,
I couldn't get her to participate and look up at me,sorry :(

My Park Twenty-Eight photo DSC01739-Copy_zpsd89ee527.jpg

Billie...I couldn't find her when I was
taking pics today so this is one taken
a few weeks ago :)

My Park Twenty-Five photo park25_zpsf660b469.jpg

And here is Milo...He's so like Charlie in alot of ways
it's uncanny lol. Of all our babies, I think he's
the most spoilt.

My Park Twenty-one photo park21_zpsdc7d1e8f.jpg

First of all, we are at the side of my eldest
sister Madge's house. These steps are newly put in
(about five years ago) and it used to have very
narrow steps that were horrible. As a child we
used to play on the bars beside them.

My Park Twenty-Two photo park22_zps3f584694.jpg

Here we have our block of houses
(I live in the second one)
and Madge lives at the first.
Sorry for the black dots, my family
didn't want to be in my post.

My Park Twenty-Three photo park24_zps13f8a6eb.jpg

This is my front garden, it used to be
all grass until the park renovations about
five years ago.

My Park Twenty-Four photo park27_zps79a0492d.jpg

Above is our local shop,I go here
almost everyday to get things I need
(like I told you in my last post,I seldom
go to town)this is just down a small
black foot-path,less than a minute from
my house.

I confess, this photo is from
google images because I didn't
need to go there today ;)

My Park Twenty-Six photo park23_zps4a8c4f21.jpg

Lol, that's my dad sitting on the door step
drinking his tea,he asked not to be shown.
That's my house in case you didn't know lol.
The first house is Madge's.

My Park Eleven photo park18_zps7820741f.jpg

This is the side of Madge's house
from a different angle. I still
can't get over how different the park
looks these days. It really was a dump
when I was growing up here.

My Park Twelve photo park19_zps85e55dc2.jpg

Where you are looking at now
is the centre garden. Years ago
when I was growing up those trees
were just grass. We called it a field
and used to play in it. Really it was
a swamp lol. We always came home dirty.
Those were the days :)

My Park Thirteen photo park17_zps786a06dd.jpg

That white building you see,
is the Macca-Resourse centre run by my dad.
I remember as a child he used to work from
a house up the park with many others
to get money for this building.

It's called a community centre really
but it's name is Macca (Mullaghmore And CastleView
Community Association)
Many things for the communityis done there
and it holds lots of activities
(Including Karate and Circut training) it
also does courses too.

Ps, the grey sky is not an uncommon
sight in my town and country lol

My Park Fourteen photo park16_zps3695930e.jpg

This is to the right as I come
out of my park :)

My Park Twenty-Seven photo park13_zps0fc6221c.jpg

I have never seen a bush or plant
or whatever it's called, like this before.
It's in the front garden of the B&B beside my house
at the bottom of the road.

My Park Fithteen photo park20_zpsc6523ba2.jpg

This photo was taken standing
at the side of Madges house. I promise
in spring it looks so much better than this.
It used to be a big thick road where
people parked their cars.

My Park Sixteen photo park14_zps5def538e.jpg

This was taken outside Kelly's Antiques
(Mullaghmore House/B&B)
The first entry to the right
is the entrance to my park :)

My Park Seventeen photo park11_zps14bf301b.jpg

This is the sign for the B&B
beside my house (Mullaghmore House)
It's got a few names this place. Mullaghmore House,
Kelly's Antiques/Garden center. We just call it
Kelly's Antiques,or I do at least lol.

My Park Eighteen photo park12_zps73d17408.jpg

This is the entrance into Kelly's Antiques,
I love the pillers :)

My Park Nineteen photo park15_zpsd9abba54.jpg

This is the bust stop, across from
the entrance into my park :)

My Park Five photo park7_zps9919a1d7.jpg

This is the black foot path to the shops
(Remember I told you it's about a one minute
walk from my house)

My Park Six photo park8_zpsc199c926.jpg

A different angle to
the entrance into my park. I want to say
that the stone wall you see is the wall
that goes around Kelly's Antiques :)

My Park Seven photo park9_zps606515e1.jpg

I have been looking forward to this bit lol,
This is Kelly's Antiques/Mulaghmore House bla bla
from the front.

This house boy's and girls, is the house that
one Sam Niell was born in. If you don't know
who this actor is you can google him. I only
really like him in The Tudors. But he is
a great actor. His parents lived here briefly.

My Park Eight photo park6_zpsd8502e7f.jpg

Our block of houses,mine is the second house,
you can make my dad out a bit,he's sitting on
the door step. Say hi to Seamus lol.

My Park Nine photo park10_zpsfb079e15.jpg

Oh here we go, this is the sign
Kelly's Antiques has. It was always known as
Kelly's Antiques when I was growing up, don't
blame me if they call themselves something else now lol.

My Park Three photo park5_zpsd0989918.jpg

This is known as the Mullaghmore Murial
(I hope I spelt that correctly) and two
summers ago alot of the youngsters painted
what an artist drew for them (or they helped him paint
it, anyway) It was a great time. You could
really feel how happy it made them all.

It's located at the left handside
of my house :)

My Park Ten photo park1_zps6ba99cc9.jpg

This is the MACCA centre from the back.

My Park One photo park2_zps01b23d1d.jpg

This is the garden center directly
behind the center.

My Park Four photo park3_zpsa9fb2740.jpg

This is inside one of the green houses in the garden
center. Many people round my park buy thier veg from here
that people with disabilities come to the center on
schemes to plant. It's a great place.


Wow, I think we have went almost everywhere around here
lol. It took me almost all day to take pics,upload them onto
photobucket and shrink them, and make this post. Inbetween
doing this I have had dinner, many cups of coffee and went
for my walk lol. I never had so much fun doing a post. I
really enjoyed making this post for you all.

More personal than any post I have ever made I admit,
but my next post which will be tomorrow I hope,will be
around my house (I just have to make sure it's super tidy
first lol) so I'm looking forward to sharing that.

Blessings from Ireland - Yvonne xx
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