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I Need You In My Life Chapter Four

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Title: I Need You In My Life
Timeline: Season one Episode One (after the boys walk out of Babylon)
Rated: Any age I think (for this chapter)
Summary: Justin Taylor is a typical 17-year-old teenager spending a carefree night on the town with his best friend, Daphne; little does he realize, however, that before the night is over he will discover a unique talent that will not only save someone's life, but also have long-lasting implications for all those that he touches along the way.
Chapter: 4 of ?
Banner: Ali little_sister made the gorgeous banner *loves her*
Beta: Judy bigj52 thank you so much Judy *loves her*
Disclaimer: Cowlip and Showtime own the boys,I'm just using them for this story. No money is being made by me from this.
AN:It looks like I will be taking this down a supernatural road (It's not going to be a cross over with the TV series Supernatural) and I have had the banner replaced to match the story correctly,no disrespect intended to anyone. Thank you so much Kim predec2 for the summary ;)

Previous Chapters Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three

When Brian and Justin arrived at the hospital Lindsay was sleeping.

After the discovery that someone had taken her newborn, she had become hysterical and had been put under immediate sedation.

Melanie was in a chair sitting beside Lindsay, holding her hand. She was crying softly, her eyes looked very red. Debbie was trying to console her.

Emmett, Michael and Ted were also present.

When Brian saw the scene before him, he walked straight into Michael’s outstretched arms, and let the tears he had been holding fall freely.

“The nurse said someone just took him, that he’s gone. Why the hell would someone steal a newborn baby from its mother?” Debbie asked, before squeezing Mel’s hand tighter.

Debbie didn’t think words existed that could be used for what had been done.

Melanie began sobbing harder at Debbie’s words.

Emmett was very pale, and Ted looked past shocked at this stage.

On the way to the hospital, Justin tried to tell Brian of the grey-haired lady he had seen in his vision taking Gus, but the words wouldn’t come out.

Justin stood at the bottom of the bed, just staring at Lindsay, frozen, wishing he had said something last night, and wondering why he hadn’t. Perhaps if he had said something, Gus would still be in the hospital tonight with his parents.


Sometime later Brian left the room and Justin followed him. “I can’t believe this is happening,” Brian said. “I feel like I’m in a fucking dream I can’t wake up from.”

Justin put his hand on Brian’s arm. “I can’t imagine how it must feel, Brian,” Justin said, while thinking of how to say the next part. “I have to tell you something. Last night when I left your apartment I was at the bottom of the stairs and I had a vision.”

Brian tensed. “What was it?” he asked.

“I saw a grey-haired lady leaving this building, she had Gus. She was saying something along the lines of taking better care of him,” Justin confessed.

Brian looked really angry. “Why the fuck didn’t you say anything?” he asked.

“I tried to get here to do something about it, then you arrived and everything just happened so quickly it slipped my mind,” Justin told him.

Brian pushed Justin hard against a wall, gripping tightly onto the neck of his jumper, scaring the blond. “What else do you remember? What did her face look like?”

“I only saw her from the side. I didn’t get a good look,” Justin said.

Brian loosened his grip, seeing the look of fear in Justin’s eyes. He leaned his head against Justin’s. “I’m sorry. You should have told me,” he rasped. Both men held each other. “You should have fucking told me,” Brian repeated.

Justin held Brian as he cried harder than he had before in Michael’s arms. “Let this be a dream, Justin. Please let this be a dream.”

“I don’t understand how a human being could steal a baby, Justin. How could someone do that? He was just born last night,” Brian said, still crying.

Justin’s heart broke for Brian, even more so now than it did earlier.

“Excuse me,” a voice said from behind them. Both men turned to see two policemen. “I’m detective Carl Horvath and this is detective Patrick O’Neill. Which one of you is Brian Kinney?”

“I’m Brian,” Brian confirmed, before wiping away his tears.

“I know it’s a very hard time for you but can we talk with you, Mr Kinney?” detective Horvath asked.

Brian took Justin’s hand in his. “You can talk to us both,” he replied. “Justin can come too.”

“As you wish, sir. This way please.” Carl guided them both into a spare room, and gestured to them to take a seat.

“Mr Kinney, we viewed some footage of the maternity room at the time your son was taken. We don’t have a clear view of the person who took your baby, but we can make out it’s a woman with grey hair. We spoke to staff and no one has seen her here before.”

Brian swallowed the lump in his throat, and wiped a tear that slid down his face. “Find my son. I don’t care how you fucking do it,” he told the detective.

Carl sighed deeply. He knew of many cases where toddlers or teenagers had been kidnapped and how distressing that was for the families. He had never known of a baby that was only one day old being taken. He felt really bad for Brian and Gus’s mothers. “Mr Kinney…”

“Call me Brian, for fuck sake. I hate being called that,” Brian all but yelled, interrupting Carl.

“Of course, Brian. I know words are useless at this time, but please be assured that we are doing everything we can to find your son.”

Justin sat quietly.

Brian just stared at the detective that was talking to him. “Try harder,” he said.

After they talked for a while, Brian and Justin left the hospital. Justin could sense Brian wanted to say something but refrained from doing so.

“Why don’t you just say it, Brian? You blame me for not saying anything. And you’re right. If I did say something maybe you, Lindsay and Mel wouldn’t be going through this.”

They were standing by the jeep now. Brian looked at Justin. “I don’t blame you, Justin. For some reason I just don’t. Maybe it is your fault for not saying anything but I don’t hold that against you. I don’t know why,” Brian said, as he moved closer to the blond. Stroking his face he continued, “I just can’t be around you right now. I’m going to drop you off where I picked you up, and I want you to stay away from me for a while. Please, Justin.”

Tears stung Justin’s eyes. He replied, “If that’s what you want, Brian,” and got into the jeep.

The ride was silent with both men lost in thought.

When the jeep stopped, Brian didn’t look at Justin before Justin got out, he just looked straight ahead.

When Justin got home, he let himself in through the back door and crept up to his bedroom. After taking a quick shower, he put on his boxers, t-shirt and a pair of socks and slipped quietly into his bed.

He thought it best that he give Brian time to be with his thoughts. Justin knew the brunet had family and friends he could be with who would comfort him at this time.

He just wished there was something he could do to help, since he himself believed it was his fault Gus was taken in the first place.

Sometime later Justin was just getting comfortable after switching off his bedside lamp when a noise disturbed him.

Sitting up in his bed, he switched on his bedside lamp and saw a tiny man sitting in the large armchair beside his bed. “What the…?”

“Is fuck the word that was going to end that sentence?” The small man dressed in green, asked.

Justin turned himself around so he sat on the side of his bed. “How did you.....? Who are you, and how did you get in here?” He was pretty sure his jaw was sitting on his lap at this stage.

“Jaysus, don’t have a heart attack on me, lad. I’m not going to hurt ye, and close your mouth, you’re making an entrance fer all those fleas.”

“You’re a…leprechaun,” Justin said, as he stared at the tiny man occupying his armchair. “I must be dreaming.”

“Aye, lad, seeing is believing, but feeling is God’s own truth. Touch me if ye need to, to find out that ye aren’t dreaming,” he said.

Justin didn’t move, he just sat and smiled. He knew the leprechaun was real so he had no need to touch it.

“I thought if we caught you, we got money,” Justin said, and smiled.

“If ye need money, lad, get a fecking job. And ye can’t have me lucky charms, they belong to the missus.”

Justin laughed before the leprechaun continued. “Ok, I’m here on a mission. Now hear me words, lad. The wee lad is not in any danger from his captor but he does need to return to his mammy safely. The boy is the last in line of males in the Kinney family. No other Kinney lad will be born after him, he’s special. Ye and the lad’s pop are special too. Ye both have very important roles in this world to play. Heed me words, lad.”

“What role do we have to play?” Justin asked.

“A big change will happen but not until ye consummate your love. Wherever ye go and whatever ye do, may the luck of the Irish be there with ye.” And after those words, the little man dressed in green disappeared.

Justin sat stunned. What did he mean by changes would happen when he and Brian fucked? What changes? And what the fuck was a leprechaun doing visiting him in the first place?

Justin needed to get to Brian’s loft, fast.

After dressing quickly Justin sneaked quietly downstairs, and went into the kitchen and out through the door that led him into the garage where he got his bike and helmet. He put his helmet on and brought the bike through the house and out the back door. His parents and Molly slept soundly upstairs.

It was two miles from Justin’s house in the ‘burbs to Brian’s loft. And given how late it was Justin wasn’t looking forward to the trip, especially using his bike. He very seldom used it these days.

Thankfully it was after midnight and the roads were almost empty, so getting to Brian’s loft wasn’t as hard as Justin thought.

When he arrived at the loft, he got off his bike. As luck would have it, a couple were entering the building. “Hold the door please,” Justin yelled.

After getting inside, Justin took the elevator to the top floor. “I really hope you’re home, Brian,” Justin said out loud. “And alone.”

Knocking on the door a few times Justin began to get annoyed, so he tried a new tactic. “Brian!”

After a few yells the loft door slid open to reveal Brian’s friend, Michael, “Hey, Boy Wonder, do you have any idea what time it is?”

Justin pushed past Michael. “Where’s Brian? Is he here?”

Brian walked down the stairs that led to his bedroom. “Who the fuck is it”? he asked, squinting his eyes, looking in Justin’s direction.

“Brian, I spoke to a leprechaun!” Justin blurted out.

Michael stared at Justin, and leaned into Brian. “He must’ve gotten the same shit from Anita that you did tonight.”

“Brian saw a leprechaun standing at the window earlier,” Michael said before he laughed. “Just before I got here,” he continued.

Brian and Justin looked at each other, and Brian turned to Michael. “Take the jeep home, Michael. I want to be alone with Justin,” he said.

“You’re kicking me out for a trick?” Michael asked. The look on his face said he wasn’t amused.

“Michael, please, I’ll call you tomorrow,” Brian told him.

After Michael had closed the door behind him the first thing Justin did was hug Brian. “I’m sorry to call so late but I had to see you,” he said.

“What do you mean you saw a leprechaun?” Brian asked Justin, before gently disengaging himself from Justin’s embrace.

“When I was trying to sleep, I heard a noise and when I looked at my armchair beside my bed that’s where he was sitting.”

“I thought I saw one over there earlier,” Brian said, and gestured towards the window with his head. “But because I had smoked some pot I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things.”

“What did it want?” Brian asked, his voice low and raspy.

“He said Gus is not any danger from who took him, but he does need to return to his mom. Also that he is the last male in the Kinney family line. He said something about us being special and big changes will happen when we consummate our love,” Justin said that last line nervously.

Brian looked at him. “Never heard that line to get me into bed before. Good one, sunshine.”

Brian sighed. “Did it tell you where we can find my son?”

“No, but before he left he did say, ‘wherever ye go and whatever ye do, may the luck of the Irish be there with ye’,” Justin mimicked in an Irish accent. “I think it must be an Irish blessing or something,” he continued, using his own accent again.

“I remember that saying. It was on a wooden plaque just as you came through the front door of my parents’ house when I was a growing up. It’s probably still there, I’m not sure,” Brian said. “My father was Irish,” he continued when he noticed Justin looking at him questioningly.

Justin walked over and sat on the sofa, Brian followed him. “Sorry I came here when you said to stay away but I thought you might want to know about what happened tonight.”

“It’s ok that you came, Justin. I’m glad you did,” Brian said, then leaned in closer to Justin and rested his head on Justin’s shoulder. “I didn’t really want Michael here tonight; he was fussing over me too much. He means well, he was just getting on my nerves,” Brian continued.

Brian quickly fell asleep while Justin threaded his fingers through the dark locks that covered his head. Justin fell asleep not long after.

As Justin walked through the unfamiliar surroundings, he took in what he was seeing. Walls that needed painting badly. Furniture that needed repairing, carpets that needed cleaning. It wasn’t hard to know that this house belonged to someone who wasn’t a WASP like he was. He saw a framed photo of people, and walked over to get a better look. It was a man, a woman, a boy and a girl. The man was smiling, but no one else in the photo was. Justin looked closer at the boy and could clearly see a purplish mark under one of his eyes, the purple top he was wearing brought it out more. The boy looked quite scared too. Justin thought both the boy and girl looked to be no older than ten years old.

Justin moved along from the photo, and opened a door to what he assumed was a sitting room. There was a crib in the corner, and a woman sitting next to it smoking a cigarette. She was sitting on a discoloured rocking chair looking into the crib, and gently rocking it.

“My beautiful Gus,” the woman said, before turning and looking at Justin. “You won’t take him from me, he’s all I have left of my…” and that’s when Justin awoke.

“Are you ok, Justin? You’re skin feels like fire,” Brian told him.

Justin was breathing fast. “I had a dream, Brian. I was in a house; Gus was there, I think. A lady was sitting beside a crib rocking it. She said ‘you won’t take him from me, he’s all I have left of my...’, but then I woke up.”

“What else do you remember?” Brian asked.

Justin thought. “The house needed repairing, and there was a photograph. I think it might have been a family picture. I took a good look at the people in it. It was a man, a woman, a boy and a girl. It looked like the boy had a bruise on his face and he looked scared, I think. The only person smiling in the photo was the dad.”

Brian sat back fully on the sofa. “Was the boy wearing a purple shirt?” he asked.

Justin thought back. “I think so, why?”

“That boy in the picture is me, Justin. I think I know who took my son. My mother.”

“We should call the police but first we need to find out. You can call us a cab to take us to Michael's to get your jeep,” Justin suggested, but Brian was already on his cell taking to a taxi cab servce.

“You coming or what?” Brian asked.

Justin really shouldn’t miss another day of school, or they’d phone his mom to find out if he was ok. He’d need to phone Daphne on the way, she’d make up an excuse for him like she always did.

“I’m coming,” Justin replied.


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