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I Need You In My Life (Chapter Two)

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Title: I Need You In My Life
Timeline: Season one Episode One (after the boys walk out of Babylon)
Rated: Any age I think (for this chapter)
Summary: Justin meets a man on the same night he finds something out about himself. He has a gift but how will this effect his life?
Chapter: 2 of ?
AN:It looks like I will be taking this down a supernatural road (It's not going to be a cross over with the TV series Supernatural)</b>
Banner: Carmen ( I think) galehot made the gorgeous banner for the EKG's prompt, and Pam pam81 made the gorgeous icon for it.
Beta: Has now been fixed by my dear friend Judy bigj52 thank you so much Judy :)
Disclaimer: Cowlip and Showtime own the boys,I'm just using them for this story. No money is being made by me from this

Chapter one

When Brian and Justin arrived at Brian’s loft, Justin was in awe. The place was amazing inside, even though outside it looked like a normal boring building.

“Wow, this is a really nice place,” Justin said as he looked around the room. His eyes quickly landed on the altar bed, at the top of three steps. He wondered if Brian would take him up there some time soon.

“Thanks, Justin,” said Brian as he walked up behind the blond. Justin screeched and jumped back a little. “You scared me,” he said, laughing. Brian smiled. “Yeah, you jumped more dramatically than my friend, Emmett would have. He’d be so proud of you.”

Justin smiled.

Brian sat on the sofa and gestured to Justin to do the same. “So it’s a good thing that you came out tonight, huh? Or I would be dead right now. I still can’t quite take it in. The last thing I remember doing is telling the boys I was invincible, and the next thing I know is I’m being pushed to the ground, before hearing a bang. I had no idea what was happening. I don’t get scared often, and I’ll deny saying I was scared if it ever gets out, but tonight I was scared,” Brian said, before giving a little laugh.

Justin looked deeply into Brian’s eyes, and smiled, “Your secret is safe with me,” he promised.

Clearing his throat, Brian put his arm across the back of the sofa, and his fingers gently fell onto Justin’s shoulders. Justin looked at Brian’s fingers and back to Brian’s eyes. “So, tell me something about yourself?” Justin asked. “What do you do for a living?

“I work in advertising,” Brian replied.

Justin nodded, “Ok um, how long have you worked in advertising for?”

Brian was staring at Justin’s lips as he spoke, before looking back into his eyes, “Justin, do you really want to talk about something you have absolutely no interest
in? Of course you don’t,” Brian said, before pulling Justin into him by his shoulders and kissing him.

Justin kissed Brian back and at that moment he saw flashes of people. People he had never seen before, behind his eyes. Two women on a hospital bed, surrounded by females. Brian standing in front of them, holding a baby. The black-haired man Brian had called Michael earlier, was in the room too. Just before the vision ended he heard ‘trying to call you but your cell is off. Lindsay is in labour’ and the name, ‘Gus’.

Feeling his body heat up and break into a sweat like it did the last time, Justin pulled back from the kiss quickly. Before he knew what to do or say about what he had just seen, he blurted out, “Your cell is off. Someone is trying to call you. Lindsay is in labour.”

Brian raised his eyebrows. “What the fuck did you just say?” he asked, feeling a little freaked out by Justin’s words.

Brian moved away from Justin on the sofa, and sat at the very end. He reached into his pocket, not taking his eyes off Justin’s, and pulled out his cell phone. He saw that he had two missed calls and four messages from Melanie, the partner of the woman who was having his baby. Looking back at Justin, Brian listened to his voice mail, “Brian, where the fuck are you? It’s Lindsay, she’s at the hospital. I’ve been trying to get hold of you for the last hour. She’s in labour.”

After realising what he had said, Justin thought Brian was going to want answers, but now was not the time for this. He must have seen what he did for a reason. “Look, just go to the hospital. I will let myself out,” Justin said, before making his way to the door.

Not giving it another thought Brian called his friend, Michael. “It’s happening, Michael. Call a cab and get your ass over here. Lindsay is having the baby.”

When Justin reached the bottom of the stairs after leaving the loft, something else flashed behind his eyes. This time it was of a woman with short grey hair walking away from the hospital with a baby in her arms. He could clearly hear the woman saying, “I will take better care of you, Gus,” before it turned back to darkness behind his eyes.

“Someone is going to steal Brian’s baby,” said Justin out loud. “I have to get to the hospital.”

Seeing a bus pull into the bus stop, it could only be luck; Justin ran over to it and got on. He paid his fare and told the driver to let him off at Evian Road; it was less than five minutes by foot to the hospital from there.

When Justin finally arrived at the hospital, Brian and Michael were getting out of Brian’s jeep. Brian spotted Justin running past them both. “Hey, that’s Justin,” said Brian. “I wonder where he’s off to in a hurry.”

“Who cares,” replied Michael. “Let’s go and welcome your son into the world. I’m so excited for you, Brian. You’re going to be a dad,” he continued.

Brian and Michael made their way into the hospital, and to the elevator. On the way up in the elevator Michael asked, “So how did it go with the blond guy? I know you took him back to your place. I bet you dropped his friend off and took him straight to the loft. Am I right?”

“I don’t have to tell you anything about my private life, Michael. What I do and who I do is none of your business, so drop it,” Brian told his friend. If he were honest with himself, he would admit to still being freaked out by what happened with Justin. But he never would, not to Michael anyway.

Changing the subject, Brian said, “So, am I going to father a son or daughter? What do you think, Michael?”

“A son, for sure. A miniature Brian running around is what we all want to see,” Michael said, smiling.

Brian smiled too. “Yeah, I would like a son more than a daughter to be honest, and I hope he’s a real pain in the ass and pisses smelly Melly off a lot.”

“Like father, like son,” Michael added, before they laughed.

As Brian and Michael exited the elevator, Justin was standing at the desk talking to the receptionist. “Look, you don’t understand. I need to know. She has grey short hair and works on this ward. I just need to talk to her, please.”

“I’m sorry, sir, a woman fitting that description doesn’t work here during my hours. Maybe she works the daytime shift. You could try again around seven or eight. My shift ends at eight, maybe she starts then. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful to you.”

“Justin,” Brian interrupted, “What are you doing in the maternity ward at one thirty in the morning? Does your mom work here or something?” Brian queried.

Justin turned around and saw Brian and Michael standing next to him. “I, um, my mom does work here. I guess I forgot she wasn’t working tonight,” he told Brian. Brian knew it was a lie. He could tell when a person lied and he knew Justin was lying to him.

Brian thought for a moment. Something was going on, and he was going to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible. “Come with me, Justin,” he said after taking Justin by the wrist. Michael could see they were walking toward the room Lindsay was in and asked, “Brian, why the fuck are you bringing him into the room with us? You don’t even know him.”

Brian looked at Michael, but he said nothing. He opened the door, and they all walked into the room to meet his new baby.

Once inside the room, a bunch of women who were sitting around the Lindsay’s bed, holding a baby, greeted them, mostly with glares. Melanie was seated on the side of the bed next to her.

“Say hello to your son,” said Lindsay, smiling, as she saw Brian had entered the room with Michael and…who was the blond guy?

Brian walked over to the bed, and everyone made way for him. “So you gave me a son? He’s beautiful, just like his father,” Brian exclaimed.

Lifting his son up, Brian asked, “Does he have a name yet?”

“Gus,” Justin said, out loud before thinking. He looked around and noticed everyone was looking at him.

Brian turned and looked at Justin before Lindsay said, “Actually, Mel wanted to name him Abraham after her grandfather, but I like Gus too. You have good taste in names uh…?”

“Justin, my name is Justin. Congratulations on the birth of your son,” he told her.

Everyone looked at Brian, waiting for him to explain why a strange guy was with him when he was seeing his new baby for the first time. But he said nothing and went back to looking lovingly at his son

“Justin saved Brian’s life tonight. We were coming out of Babylon when the sign blew off the wall, and almost landed on top of Brian. But Justin ran into him, knocking him out of the way. That sign weighs a fucking ton. Brian would have been crushed to death,” Michael told them. “Justin was running past him when Brian stepped out so that’s how he knocked Brian over in the first place,” Michael continued, while looking adoringly at Brian with his son.

Lindsay gasped, and Melanie studied Justin a bit. “So I guess you’re a hero,” said Melanie.

Justin smiled and replied, “Yeah, I guess so.”

“I applaud you,” said Melanie sarcastically.

“Fuck you, Mel,” Brian said, but Melanie just rolled her eyes.

A nurse entered the room and told all the guests it was time to leave, because the mother and child needed to rest.

“This is your first night on Earth, sonny boy,” Brian said to his son before kissing his head. “I love you already,” he whispered. He whispered it so no one would hear him, but when he looked at Justin and saw the boy was smiling, he had a feeling Justin had.

After handing the baby back to his moms, Brian kissed Lindsay good night and threw Melanie a glare just for good measure then he, Michael and Justin left the room.

“So where to next, Brian? I’m sure you’ll be giving Justin a ride home first, then where are we heading? I can stay at the loft if you want,” Michael said.

Brian looked in Justin’s direction, as Justin walked a little ahead of them both. “You can call a cab, Michael. I’m going straight to the loft from here,” he told his friend. “And Justin is coming with me,” he added.

“But why is Justin going back to the loft, Brian? You never take a trick back to the loft twice…”

“Call your cab, Michael. We can talk tomorrow,” said Brian before leaning in and kissing his friend on the lips.

On the drive back to the loft Justin didn’t know what to say, so Brian got the story going. “That’s some freaky shit that’s been happening with you since we met. I want to know what’s really going on and you’re going to tell me everything. Do you understand me?”

Justin took a deep breath. “Fair enough. If you want the truth, I will give it to you. But not while we’re in the jeep,” he said.

What Justin didn’t know was how the hell to explain something to someone if he didn’t even know how to explain it to himself.

Maybe if he talked about it he might get a better understanding.

Once they arrived back at the loft, Brian got them a beer, and they both sat on the sofa. “Ok, so let’s hear it, and I don’t want the watered-down version either. I know your mom doesn’t work in that maternity ward. You were lying to that receptionist, so spill it,” Brian said calmly.

“You won’t believe me,” Justin told him.

“You’d be surprised at what I would believe,” replied Brian.

“Ok, here goes…I wasn’t running past you. I knew that sign was going to blow off. It was going to land on top of you and kill you, Brian. I know that because I saw it happen before it did,” Justin said, as he kept his eyes trained on Brian’s.

“What do you mean you saw it before it happened?” Brian asked.

“I mean I saw it before it happened. You walked out of the club and raised both your arms. You said something I couldn’t make out and the sign blew off the wall and landed on top of you. A lot of people ran over to you and I clearly heard someone say you were dead. The next thing I know, I’m back before it happened and little things I saw, I was seeing again. Daphne tripped on a rock the first time, but I saw the rock she would trip on and pulled her so she’d miss it the second time. Two guys kissing in the street, and the crisp bag blowing in the direction of the club. I got scared but the second I saw you raise your arms I just dived in front of you. I knew the sign was going to fall.”

Brian got up from the sofa and walked over to the window, looking out at the snow that had begun falling. He asked a question he never thought would have a logical answer. “Are you saying you had a vision, Justin? Visions don’t happen in reality, they happen in movies or science fiction novels. They don’t happen in real life.”

Justin got up and joined Brian at the window. “Then explain how I knew about the missed messages from Melanie. Explain how I knew Lindsay was in labour, and don’t say it was a coincidence because it wasn’t. When you kissed me I saw flashes of it all, that’s how I knew. And I did see the sign fall on you as well, Brian.”

Looking at Justin, Brian still had no idea how to take in any of what was being said. It made no sense to him. He didn’t believe in God or heaven. So why would he believe a person would have visions to save people, especially someone like him? “It just doesn’t make any sense to me, Justin. You’ve been having visions your whole life to save people, to help people…”

“They only started tonight, Brian. I still have no idea how or why. Before tonight I was normal like everyone else, and then this happened. I can’t even explain why or how, so if you’re having a hard time believing in it, think about how I feel. Plus I’m terrified,” Justin said.

Brian could see the fear in Justin’s eyes, and pulled him into a hug. “I can’t explain it either, but I will try and help you find the answers you need if I can. And this better not be on Punked on TV either,” Brian said before laughing a little. Justin welcomed the warmth of the hug, and laughed a little too. “No, this is reality, Brian. No hidden cameras are here.”

The next few hours Brian and Justin Googled ‘visions’ on the internet and found many interesting stories, but they mostly saw it referring to the movie, Final Destination or about a saint called Bernadette. Nothing was useful for Justin’s situation.

“Maybe you could ask your mom if something is in your family history,” Brian suggested.

“I guess,” replied Justin. “But if you don’t see me for a long time after that, chances are my parents have had me admitted to a mental ward,” Justin told Brian.

Sighing loudly, Justin sat back on the chair. “This isn’t getting me anywhere. It explains what they are but it doesn’t say who gets them or why?”

“Justin, a lot of people don’t believe that we get visions to begin with, unless they are spiritual people perhaps. And there won’t be any answers on Google if you type in who might have visions. It’s not like asking if you’ll get AIDS if you have unprotected sex with someone who has that virus, or if you’ll get cancer if you smoke. People having visions is basically unheard of unless it’s for TV or books, so I really have no idea what to tell you about this,” Brian said.

After yawning, Brian looked at his watch. “It’s almost five in the morning. As much as I have enjoyed googling ‘visions’ for you, I’m going to call it a night,” Brian said before logging off.

Brian got up and walked up to his bedroom. He took a thick blanket from his closet and came back down to Justin, who was still sitting by the computer, staring at the black screen. “You should get some sleep too.”

Taking the blanket from Brian, Justin turned himself around in the swivel chair and stood up. Wrapping the blanket around himself, Justin walked over to the sofa and lay on it.

Brian didn’t really know what to say. He could tell Justin was frustrated, so he told him to sleep well and headed to his own bed.

When the alarm clock went off, Brian realised he hadn’t slept at all. He had been thinking about the possibility of visions being real, and Justin. Maybe he would call his mom later. She might have some answers about all that stuff, and maybe she could help Justin. No, he would just leave it for a while until Justin spoke to his own mom. Why go near Joanie unless you absolutely had no choice?

Either way, the whole concept of people having visions was slowly making Brian believe it was possible. After all, how could Justin have known what would happen last night, before it actually did? For now he would keep this newfound belief to himself.

A noise from the kitchen got Brian’s attention, followed by the padding of feet along the hardwood floor. “I made you some coffee,” Justin said as he walked towards Brian’s bed, holding a tray with two cups of black coffee, a jug of milk and a container of sugar, along with a spoon.

After placing the tray on the bedside table, Justin handed Brian a cup. “Here, I thought you could use this. You were tossing and turning for the last few hours, so I’m guessing you had about as much sleep as I did. Which was none by the way.”

Brian sat up, and took the coffee, “Thanks. Yeah, I heard you too. You were sighing an awful lot.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do, Brian,” Justin said. “I feel so lost right now.”

Placing his cup back on the tray, Brian took Justin’s cup and put it there as well. “Hey, you’re not lost. You’re at my loft. The address is 6 Fuller, Corner of Tremont, Pittsburgh,” Brian said, hoping it would at least make Justin smile.

When Justin did smile, Brian smiled back, “You’ll figure out what’s going on, Justin. It may take time but you’ll figure it out,” Brian said, as he pulled Justin into a hug. Justin hugged Brian back but wasn’t convinced by the words of encouragement that he was passing on.

“As much as I’d love to spend the day in this position, I really need to take a shower. Would you like to join me?” Brian asked Justin as he pulled back from the hug.

“I better not,” replied Justin. “I’m heading over to Daphne’s when I leave here. I can grab a shower there. Thanks anyway,” he said.

“Fuck! I have a bitch of a headache coming on,” Justin told Brian, as he squeezed the bridge of his nose. “You got any painkillers?” he asked. Brian reached into his bedside locker and pulled out a strip of painkillers and gave Justin two, “Here, wash them down with water from the fridge,” he said.

Justin took the painkillers and threw them back. After he swallowed them he said, “I don’t need water to wash back meds most of the time so thanks for these.”

A little while after Justin had left, Brian was in the shower. What a strange night it had been. First he nearly lost his life, then he met Justin who was a rare find for him and they didn’t even fuck, which was very strange given that Justin spent the night at the loft. His son was born who Justin had named. Then Brian found out that Justin had visions and that’s how he knew to save him in the first place. Yeah, it was a very strange night, Brian thought. One other thing he couldn’t quite get a grasp of was why he cared so much about Justin. Why did he hug him? He never hugged anyone except maybe Michael, but only on rare occasions. What the hell was going on?

Brian figured the answers to his questions would get answered soon enough. Right now he had to finish showering, go to work and be brilliant.

(I hope you'll all say a few words on this chapter,it will really make my day :)

Punked is a TV show where famous people are made fools of. It’s very funny.
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