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I Need You In My Life

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Title: I Need You In My Life
Timeline: Season one Episode One (after the boys walk out of Babylon)
Rated: Any age I think (for this chapter)
Summary: Justin meets a man on the same night he finds something out about himself. He has a gift but how will this effect his life?
Chapter: 1 of ?
AN: This first chapter is a birthday gift, actually I'll make the whole story a gift for Vered guavejuice whose birthday is today. Happy Birthday darling,I love you. This is,like I said,just the first chapter,the rest I will work on this week if I can. But the whole lot is dedicated to you hon,and I hope you enjoy it. Have a great birthday *Hugs you* ~ Yvonne xx

Banner: Carmen ( I think) galehot made the gorgeous banner for the EKG's prompt, and Pam pam81 made the gorgeous icon for it.
Beta: Has now been fixed by my dear friend Judy bigj52 thank you so much Judy :)
Disclaimer: Cowlip and Showtime own the boys,I'm just using them for this story. No money is being made by me from this

If you had known Justin Taylor before this day, like everyone else you’d have thought he was a normal seventeen year old trying to find his place in the world.

On this night Justin decided to go to Liberty Avenue with his best friend, Daphne.

Justin and Daphne had been quite a few times to Liberty Avenue, but something was going to happen tonight that would change Justin’s life forever.

They were walking along when Daphne tripped on a rock. Justin quickly grabbed her arm to prevent her from falling. “Shit, I never even saw that there. It’s quite dark here tonight,” Daphne said.

“Are you ok?” Justin asked. Daphne never ever tripped. She was one of those people who always kept their eyes on the ground when walking. She bumped into stuff a lot, but she never tripped.

“Yeah. I am fine, thanks to you. Quick reflexes, Justin,” she praised her friend.

When they were walking along again, Justin looked over to a couple that were standing, kissing on the pavement, and smiled. “I wish a hot guy would kiss me like that,” he confessed to Daphne.

Daphne stopped walking, and looked over to where Justin was looking and smiled. “A hot guy will kiss you like that, Justin, and who knows, you could meet him tonight,” Daphne told her friend.

At that moment a crisp bag blowing in the wind caught Justin’s attention. He followed it with his eyes until it blew in the direction of four men coming out of a nightclub called Babylon. Justin could hear them laughing and talking, but he couldn’t make out what they were saying.

One of the men stepped into the middle of the footpath and turned to face the others who were standing at the doorway. Raising both his arms out to the side, he said something and laughed. On his last word, the Babylon sign blew off the wall and landed on top of him.

Many people ran over to where the man lay, and Justin heard one of them say, “He’s dead.”

“No,” Justin said, feeling his body heat up and breaking out into a sweat.

Taking a deep breath, Justin blinked a few times and looked behind himself and then back to the front. Everything he saw was what he’d seen before the Babylon sign blew off the wall, onto the man and killed him.

Justin looked at the ground and saw the rock that Daphne had tripped on, so he pulled her to the side. Then he saw the two men standing on the pavement, kissing. He became worried and walked faster.

“Justin, why are we walking so fast? You don’t have to drag me, I can walk unaided, you know,” Daphne snapped.

“Daphne, that Babylon sign is going kill that man,” Justin told her.

“Justin, what are you talking about?” Daphne asked.

Just then, Justin had a gut feeling about the crisp bag blowing past him, and just like in his vision or whatever the fuck it was, a crisp bag blew past him in the direction of the four men that came out of the nightclub called Babylon.

Justin let go of Daphne’s arm and just as the man stretched both his arms out to his side, he lunged in the man’s direction, mere seconds before the Babylon sign blew off.

Sparks flew off the sign when it smashed into the pavement.

“What the fuck are you doing?” asked a very angry brunet.

Justin realised he was lying on top of the man, and they were now surrounded by quite a few people.

After getting back up onto his feet, Justin offered to help the man get up too, but was told to fuck off, nicely of course, by the man he saved.

“My God, Brian, that guy just saved your life,” said a man with black hair, who looked shocked.

After getting himself more composed, Brian took in his surroundings. If that blond who looked no older than about fifteen, hadn’t pushed him out of the way he would have been under that sign, and could have been crushed to death. That sign weighed a ton and needed a crane to put it up onto the building.

“Wow! You did save my life,” Brian told Justin. “How did you know it was going to do that? When I came out of the club you were way over there,” he said, pointing down the street. “You couldn’t possibly have known it was going to happen unless you had a vision or something,” Brian said before laughing, and everyone else there laughed too.

Daphne looked at Justin, waiting for an answer, as did everyone else, including Brian.

Thinking very quickly, Justin said, “I wasn’t trying to save you. I was trying to run past you and you stepped out and that’s how I ran into you. I guess you were just lucky I ran into you.”

Daphne knew what the real story was, although how it was possible, she had no idea. She would talk to Justin about it later. She wondered how the hell Justin could have known the sign was going to blow off the wall.

Brian smiled. “I see. Well, you saved my life, thank you.”

“Brian, you should probably let me drive you home. You’re probably shaking from what just happened,” said the same person who had told Brian he was just saved by Justin.

“Fuck off, Michael. I can drive home myself. You can ride with Ted and Emmett tonight,” he told the guy he called Michael, all the while not taking his eyes off Justin.

“Want a ride home?” Brian asked Justin and Daphne. “Sure,” replied Justin. Daphne smiled in response.

Brian dropped Daphne off first, and asked Justin if he would like to go back to his loft. Justin didn’t need to be asked twice. This man was a God! Maybe tonight he would find out what a real kiss was, or maybe more.

Whatever happened with the whole vision thing, Justin would look into tomorrow. For the rest of the night, he just wanted to be a normal seventeen year old.


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