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Still Painting You (The Final Chapter)

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Banner: Thank you Ali little_sister
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Here it is friends,the final chapter. I actually cried when I was writing this chapter,I felt Brian needed a happier ending than I had orginally gave him.

So here it is,enjoy and let me know what you think please.

Ps.just click on the link,I posted it in my personal journal too ;)


On the aeroplane once both men were seated, Brian laid his head back and closed his eyes. He thought back over everything that happened, while Justin looked at him.

“I can hear the wheels turning in that head of your again. What is it your thinking about?” asked Brian.

Justin smiled, before he answered, “I observed the way you kissed Ryan before we…”

“You want to know if we fucked, right?” Brian asked. He had an idea that this question was coming, and he had an idea it was now.

Justin continued looking at Brian, “It’s really none of my business I guess, but I just wondered if what Keller said was true.”

Brian opened his eyes and turned his head to look at Justin, “What did Keller tell you?”

“He told me that every time Ryan left my place, he went straight to you and you fucked him. Like I said, it’s none of my business. I just wondered if it was true. You don’t have to tell me.”

“We did,” Brian told him.

“Well, I can’t say I blame you. He’s very hot. I would have fucked him too,” Justin replied.

“Ryan’s a great guy. We became great friends over the years, and one evening it just sort of happened I guess…”

“You don’t have to explain Brian. Like I said, it’s none of my business anyway, I was just curious,” replied Justin who then laughed, “Wow, Brian Kinney explaining himself. What would everybody think”?

Brian smiled, “I’m just so happy to be going home. I can’t even take it in that this is happening, you know? I feel like the last few weeks have been a dream. I’m not the same person I was Justin, and I could care less about fucking labels and that other shit I was obsessed with. That doesn’t define who I am anymore. It’s not important to me.”

Justin kissed Brian softly on the lips, and Brian pulled them both closer relishing it.

They didn’t care about what the other passengers thought, or may be whispering about them.

When the plane landed, Bodyguards and Special Agents who were expecting their arrival, met Brian and Justin in the terminal.

“Mr Kinney? We have been expecting you. Can you please come with us?” Asked an Agent whose badge named him as ‘Agent Darcy Kemp’, which Brian and Justin learned after seeing it when he showed it to them.

“Your luggage will be collected for you both, and sent by currier to a Ms Debbie Novotny’s house at the address you provided us with. Now we need to take you to the station with us to clear up some things,” they were told by Agent Darcy.

When Brian and Justin arrived at the station, they were taken into a room and told to wait. The drive to get them both there was quite long but they found way’s to entertain each other, despite a few odd looks from their fellow passengers.

“I wonder what happens next?” asked Justin, while he looked around the room.

“It’s probably just so they can give me back my identity. I imagine they will just tell me it’s been restored, and send me on my way,” Brian told Justin.

“Not that, Brian. It’s obvious that’s what’s going to happen here. I meant when you get home again. I mean, you’ll have to look for a job and a new place to live. That won’t be easy.”

“Nothing in life is ever easy, Sunshine. I will manage, we both will. We’re in this together right? We can stay at Debbie’s or your mom’s until we get a place. I can’t wait to see Deb’s face when she finds out about all of this, or even Michael’s,” Brian said, while screwing his face up before laughing.

Justin laughed as well, “Yea. They have probably informed Debbie already anyway, so it’s just a case now of her telling the others. I told my mom what was going on, but she said she wouldn’t say anything. I made her promise me. I guess she too will have heard it from Debbie by now.”

Just then Agent Darcy Kempt and another man entered the room with a folder, and gestured for Brian and Justin to take a seat.

“Mr Kinney, on behalf of everyone on the force, I would like to thank you for what you did. It was by no means an easy request from us to you. You put your life on hold for a man unworthy of the title given to him by us, and for that we are grateful. Your identity has been restored on our database, and you are recognised as Brian Aiden Kinney once again. Here is your Birth Certificate, Passport and Social Security number. You’re a free man now Mr Kinney,” Said Agent Darcy Kempt.

“Oh, and Ms Novotny has been informed about you. We sent policemen from the precinct in her area to give her the news. They said she passed out five times, and the tall skinny man that was with her crossed himself more times than they could count, he identified himself as an Emmett Honeycutt, her lodger. She told them she would notify your family.” Both Brian and Justin laughed, that sounded typically like Debbie and Emmett.

After placing the folder on the table with Brian, both men thanked him again after telling them that a car would take them both home, and left.

On the drive to Debbie’s house, Brian felt what he realised were actual butterflies in his tummy. He heard the expression a lot, but it never happened to him, until now.

“I wonder when we get to Debbie’s will everyone be there? You know, all the family?” Brian asked.

Justin took Brian’s hand into his own, “Of course they will, probably the whole of Pittsburgh will be. Are you nervous?”

“I just can’t wait to see Gus, I bet he’s gotten so big now. He probably won’t remember me,” Brian said as he looked out the window, his face filled with an emotion Justin could identify easily. Brian was worried.

“I know for a fact Lindsay and Melanie have told him all about you. Plus they keep a photo Lindsay took of you holding him when he was a baby, on your chest while you were sleeping, which they keep in a frame above their fireplace. Lindsay told me it was even Mel’s idea to have it blown up, and put there. And I know everyone else will have told him how great you were, I mean are. You can build a great relationship with him when you get back, he will love you. I promise.” Justin told Brian. Brian smiled at him.

“Yea, I guess your right. I can build a great relationship with him can’t I? I’m just a bit worried about how all this will play out. Coming home and getting back into the swing of things. It’s not going to be easy, plus I will have to reclaim my status as the stud of Liberty Avenue,” he teased but Justin knew he said it as a joke.

Once the car pulled into Debbie’s area, Brian began to feel so much happier than he had been, and when the car pulled up outside Debbie’s both Brian and Justin looked at each other knowing that the rest of their life would begin today. And whatever happened, they would be together.

After getting out of the car, Debbie’s front door opened and Debbie, Vic, Michael, Ted, Emmett, Jennifer, Molly and Mel and Lind’s along with Gus came out to greet them.

Debbie walked up to Brian and said, “I know you never were the hugging type, but I don’t really give a fuck,” she told him as she threw her arms around him and pulled Brian in tight to her.

Tears fell down Brian’s face as he hugged her back, “I’m glad you don’t give a fuck,” he told her.

After releasing him from her bone crushing hug, Debbie looked into Brian’s eyes and said, “Welcome home kid, I promise I will try my hardest not to faint again. I passed out when I heard you were alive but I, yea well, welcome back honey,” She told him.

Debbie also hugged Justin, and told him it was good to see him as well.

Brian walked away from Debbie, and over to the others. Tears were still running down his face when he looked at his son. Lindsay smiled at Brian and leaned down and said something to Gus, which Brian couldn’t hear.

Gus walked over to Brian, looking up at him he said, “Hi dad, welcome home.”

Brian knelt down and took Gus into his arms, “You’ve gotten so big Sonny boy, I missed you so much,” Brian told his son. He tried hard not to sob while holding Gus, but he couldn’t help it. For so long he had waited to see Gus, and now it was finally happening.

Brian lifted Gus up into his arms as he stood up, “Your not as light as I remember, you must be growing,” Brian told him.

Gus laughed, “I’m six now, I’m a big boy,” he told his father.

“Yes you are a big boy,” replied Brian, before he kissed his son’s head and put him back on the ground.

Justin stood beside Brian, and tears welled up in his eyes as he watched the scene unfold with Brian and Gus.

Brian looked over at his friends, and taking his sons hand he walked over to them. Michael was the first to hug him, and then Vic followed by the others. Everyone was more than happy to have Brian return to them.

A little while later, after all the welcome home greets were done, there was a knock at the front door, and Debbie asked Brian would he go and get it.

When Brian opened the door he was surprised, in a happy way, to see who was at the other side.

“Mom,” Brian rasped.

Joan stood very still, just staring at her son.

“Oh Brian,” she cried as she took her son into her arms, “When Debbie called me to say you were alive I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It’s really true,” she said crying, while still holding him.

Brian slowly wrapped his arms around his mother, and held her back. During his time away he had thought a lot about his mother, and how he wished she could have accepted him. His father never did, but Brian never thought about that. All memories of Jack that Brian had, were buried along with the man the day they put him in the ground.

Brian began to cry, and found himself saying something he never in a million years thought he would, especially were his mom was concerned, say, “I missed you mom, I never want us to go back to the way we were. Please mom, please don’t let that happen again,” Brian pleaded.

Joan stepped back from Brian, and looked at him, “I want us to start fresh too, Brian. I’m not giving up on you ever again. I only hope you can forgive my ignorance in the first place.”

Brian hugged his mother again and told her, “I already did.”

After a few moments of togetherness with his mom, Brian escorted her into the sitting room were he introduced her to everyone. Debbie hugged her gently (mindful that Joan was probably a little tender at her age for the bone crushing hugs she dishes out to others) and went and made her some coffee.

When it came to introducing Joan to Justin, Brian tried hard to tread carefully, “Um, mom this is Justin, He’s my ah, He’s my lover actually.”

Brian and Justin (and probably everyone else in the room) was surprised at what came next, “It’s nice to meet you, Justin,” Joan told him, as she shook his hand, “Are you the son of Craig Taylor that owns Taylor electronics in the town there?” she asked.

“Supposedly. He disowned me when he found out I was gay,” replied Justin, “So he denies being my dad now.”

Joan looked at Brian, “I’m sorry,” she said, “I hope one day he realises that his son shouldn’t be defined by being gay, but by his heart. That’s how I should have seen my son all along, and now that I have a second chance I intend to love him the way I should have from the beginning.”

Brian and Justin smiled at Joan’s words.

“I’m changing a lot of things in my life now, and my relationship with you is most definitely included,” Brian told his mom.

Some time later everyone started going home, and Mel and Lind’s went to hug and kiss Brian.

“I’m so glad your back Brian,” Melanie told him, “Whatever changes you make in your life, don’t change being an asshole,” she continued.

“Only if you promise to keep being a cunt,” Brian told Melanie, as he hugged her back.

“Scouts honour,” Mel whispered.

When Lindsay hugged Brian, she told him, “I still can’t take any of it in. Your really back Brian. I am so happy right now. I missed you so much,” she said as tears came to her eyes again.

“No more tears Lindsay. I think I cried enough for everyone today,” Brian told her, “Now go home with your wife and my kid, and Justin and I will stop by tomorrow afternoon.”

When Joan was leaving, Brian walked her to her cab; “I just want you to know that I don’t hold any grudge against you for the past. What’s done is done and it’s over, we are moving on from that. I don’t want you to cry or have any regrets about it. I love you mom,” Brian said, as he kissed her cheek.

Joan felt truly blessed at being given a second chance with her son, and she promised herself she wasn’t going to mess it up.

Two Years Later

Brian sat back on his black chair in his office, at his new place of work Kinnetic. He and Justin stayed with Debbie until they both got jobs. Brian worked for an advertising agency called Dunbar’s, and Justin applied to go back to PIFA, which he was accepted in straight away.

After a year at Dunbar’s, Brian decided to open a small advertising agency of his own, which Justin named for him.

It looked like a dump from the outside, but inside the decorators really outdid themselves, pleasing Brian a lot.

Brian put getting his own agency down to luck. He had worked hard at Dunbar’s and decided to open his own agency, taking with him a few of his former boss’ former accounts, much to the anger of his boss at the time.

Justin refused to work for Brian, claiming that nothing would get done with all the sex breaks he was sure Brian would want with him, which Brian eventually agreed was probably true, so he decided to do his art at their home which was a small house just outside of Pittsburgh.

Brian decided to phone Justin, “Hey sunshine, drawing my cock again,” he asked teasingly, knowing exactly what Justin was working on.

“If you must know, I was painting a photo of Gus for Lindsay, not everything is about your cock Brian,” replied Justin, knowing full well he had just opened a can of worms.

“I wonder if I decided to not let you near my cock for say…a week, would you feel the same way,” Brian asked his lover, knowing full well his mind would be changed the second he walked through their front door at home, when Justin pounced on him like he usually did.

“You’d only be punishing yourself if you did that Brian. Was there a reason you called at this time of day, or was it merely to hear my sexy voice?” Justin asked, as he wiped any lingering paint from his hands onto his apron.

“I guess I just wanted to hear your voice. I miss you, do you miss me?” Brian asked.

Justin had a feeling there was something more to the phone call, and his suspicions were confirmed when Brian said “Actually, I wanted you to look in the drawer beside my bed for me too, please. I have to go away and I wanted to double-check the date on the plane tickets, will you look for me,” Brian asked, smiling to himself.

“Sure,” replied Justin.

Justin walked up the small staircase, and into his and Brian’s bedroom. When he got to Brian’s side of the bed he opened the bedside drawer and lifted a small brown envelope. After opening the envelope he pulled a note which read ‘Will You Come
To Toulouse With Me?

Justin smile, “I thought you said you had airline tickets you wanted confirmed, Brian?”

Brian replied, “I wasn’t going to get them unless you agreed to go first. What do you think? When I was there I never got to explore much, and I really wanted to. Will you go with me?”

“Of course I will Brian, I would love to. And this time, we can really have a great time, and not have to worry about anything.”

Brian smiled. He knew that going back to Toulouse for a holiday, with Justin, would do them both the world of good, and he promised to make everyday there, unforgettable for them both.

The End
AN: It was a long road,but we made it back to where Brian belonged. I hope you enjoyed the whole story and the ending too. Thank you for reading and commenting.
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