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Title: Re-claimed
Author: yvonnereid
Timeline: 309
Summary: Justin reflects before being re-claimed
Disclaimer: Queer as Folk is owned by Showtime and Cowlip
A/N: I wrote this as part of the Evil Kinney Girls
birthday project for our wonderful friend Tech techgirl_on_ij Happy Birthday
darling,we all love you xx

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Justin’s POV

Everyone makes bad choices in life.

Ethan Gold, will always be the worst choice I ever made.

Choosing him over Brian, what the fuck was I thinking?

I fucked up.

I’m not proud of what I did. Falling for his lies.

But in truth – I believed them. All of them.

My heart always belonged to Brian. It never left him, and it always will be with him.

When I told Daphne about the dream I had, where Brian and I were fucking in mid air; she told me I should go to all of the places he goes to, if I wanted to try and get him back.

Babylon, Woody’s and the diner. But I did one better; I got interned at Ryder, his place of work.

There was no way he could avoid me there. He would have to see me everyday, whether he wanted to or not.


That day in the conference room doing the Eye-Conics pitch, I was so fucking nervous.

My whole body felt hot, and I fucking dropped the board. I knew right away he was pissed at me.

When the woman asked what I thought of the colour blue, I gave my honest opinion and told her I thought orange would be best. After all it is the new blue, right? I felt so proud of myself that she accepted my opinion, and I thought Brian was happy about it too.

Until of course when we were packing up afterwards, then I knew different.

He fired me.

I knew, he did it to show me he was in control of things. And that he didn’t like the way I had said ‘orange’ was the new blue, in the Eye-Conics pitch (I thought he did)

It was when he said, “When you don’t get what you want, you leave. Try standing up for yourself for a change. Have some balls” that I knew what to do next. I decided my balls were bigger than he thought, and I kissed him hard on his lips. When he didn’t pull back, I knew he still wanted me as much as I wanted him.

I stopped the kiss, and left. I would get him at his office later.

I had a plan now.

Not that much later I went to his office. Fuck! I wanted him so much more than before. The way he was sitting behind his desk, I could feel my cock get hard.

We pretty much flirted for a bit, before I found myself bent over the back of his desk.

My ass was never drilled that hard and fast before, as it was when he was reclaiming me as his.

I promised myself I would never fuck up again, but who can tell the future?

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