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Happy Birthday Rena rainbow1907

A very “Happy Birthday” to my very beautiful Rana rainbow1907 this story is for you hon, I love you and hope you have an awesome birthday

Title: Back At The Loft
Author: yvonnereid
Beta: Unbetaed (Im so sorry, I didn’t have time).
Banner/Icon: galehot
Lovely idea by: pet0511
Project coordinator "galehot Carmen, we all adore you
Pairing : Brian/Justin
Timeline: Post 513
Fandom: Queer As Folk
Disclaimer : I do not own the boys….showtime do, I am just playing with them.

When Brian and Justin returned to the loft after the long journey home from their vacation, Justin asked in an innocent voice “I don’t suppose you are in the mood to fuck my brains out, old man”? As he walked up the stairs to their platform bed.

Brian’s eyebrows rose “Old man huh? Maybe you should find a twink to fuck you, if my age bothers you that much…twat” replied the brunet as he took off his coat and went to the fridge to retrieve two bottles of water. “Besides, I didn’t hear you complaining when I fucked your brains out the past two weeks on our most fabulous vacation, or the past ten years for that matter”

Justin came back down into the sitting room, having changed his clothes into sweats and a t-shirt. “Its true you are good when it comes to sex, no one can compare to you, but with age comes a certain grouchiness that has hit you full force, these past few days, and also a touch of amnesia”.

The brunet looked confused “Amnesia, what the fuck are you talking about Justin, I do not have amnesia”! Brian sat on the sofa and put the bottles of water on the table.

The blond straddled his lap. “Oh yea? Then why did you turn that hot guy at the vending machine down? Or the guy at the hotel? Or the guy by the pool? Or the gu.”
Brian crashed his lips onto the blonds and kissed him hard and deep. Upon releasing him, he replied, “Because, I had everything I could possibly have wanted by my side, and I didn’t want anyone else”.

Justin looked deeply into Brian’s eyes “I think I need to talk you to see the doctor, you really do have amnesia”.

The brunet laughed, “Yea, we should go and see a doctor” Brian feather kissed all of the blonds face before continuing “He’s going to have to give you something to ease the ache in your ass, because I’m going fuck you so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week”.

“Umm, What are you waiting for then”?

A man of his word…Brian proceeded to fuck his husband all night long,knowing he had given him a vacation he would never forget.
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