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WTF???? Livejournal is driving me mad today!!!!

Im probably going to have to sending this like twenty times before it will even post,livejournal is just all messed up today. Its not working for me at all. I know its not for all of us as I have been able to see a few entries on my friends page. Any chance I got today I came on and got nothing at all. It took forever to load up or just went to "Server busy bla bla bla".

Okay,now that I am here,I want to wish Chelle boonesfarmgirl

Today I have been mostly working on the sequel to "Escaping Reality"and doing house work,going out to visit family ect...nothing very exciting.

My niece Aimee is in a production in the town tonight,so its been mad here this evening,getting her hair washed,blowdried and straightened (I was so happy she asked me to do this for her). My other niece Jordan came and had dinner with us,that was nice.

Well,im off now to try and read my friends page,I hope this damn thing posts this time,I haven't even been able to reply to my pm's yet.

TTYL then,Huge hugs,Vonnie! x

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