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If only I could lend a helping hand

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I guess my brain is working over time tonight,im just feeling concerned about someone here on livejournal. I won't say who it is, but I read a post by this person saying she was raped by a family member and feels helpless to do anything about it. I know when this happened to me I felt the same way but since all the help I have been given over the years for it, I guess I just wish this person knew that help is there, I said all this in a pm and let it be known that when they need to talk to someone I would listen,because I know where they are coming from. But saying that, I don't think this poor person will get back to me again,and I just feel helpless about that. I guess all I can really do is pray that they will get it out in the open and get help. By any means it will not be easy but in the end their life will be so much more livable,I know thats a fact.

Comments are disabled because I really just need to get this off my chest as I have been thinking about it for the past hour and a half.
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