Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

A New Competition - "Ghost Theme" Over On queer_as_fics

Banner made by ifuseeknicky

Share your Brian and Justin (or other cast members) ghost stories on queer_as_fics and the best one will win a prize in the mail!!!!!!

Two runner ups will win a banner

You can even have a partner in crime to help you if you don't wanna work alone :)

You can write about any situation you like as long as theres a ghost in it (this is the "ghost Theme")

Mark your fics in the tags with "Ghost Theme" and your username please and have fun with your fic :)

(Just so you know...my fave ghost story is "Ghost" with Patrick Swazey)

The competition will end on March the 31st

Graphic made by paurbaby

Tags: competition, ghost theme, queer_as_fics
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