Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Heres My Effort for the "Ghost theme" (I had to throw something in lol)

Author: yvonnereid (Vonnie)
Title of fic: Eternal Flame
Pairing: Brian/Justin
Timeline: Post 513
Rating: Unsuitable for minors
Summary: Justin has a very special someone come to vist him everday
Disclaimer: Don’t own, so don’t sue...
Beta: None, all mistakes are mine
Author's Note: A lot of people have different beliefs about what happens to us when we die, if what I have written here offends anyone, im truly sorry, but please remember, this is just a story.
Feedback: I would be happy to have that.

So,I got a short fic wrote for the "Ghost Theme" im holding on our fics community, its called "Eternal Flame", its okay but if you would like to read it then go here ---> http://community.livejournal.com/queer_as_fics/470155.html?mode=reply and I would love to know your thoughts on it...even if you think its for shit,it just came to me when I was washing the dinner dishes.

Huge hugs,Vonnie x

Im not sure who made the blinkie,sorry
Tags: ghost theme, queer_as_fics, yvonnereid
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