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Just a babble

I find today that im very irritated and snapy to everyone around me :/
When I woke up my back was killing me and I couldn't do my afternoon walk which I was spose to be starting today (I was upping my walks to twice a day now,im still in a bit of pain now but its eased off abit...im still going out for tonights walk like normal even if it kills me.

Its my 32nd birthday on the 27th (three days away) and I wnder what I will get hehehe :)

Today I sent of for a new birth certificate so I can get my passport to go to France (do you hear that Nicky and Judy ? lol),im still very excited about it all :):):):)

Im off now to have dinner then look for the lead of my printer (I have no idea where it went to)then my walk about 7.30,then shower then read some more chapters from the "Queer Therories" fic I am currently enjoying at night,here is a link if you wanna give it a go --->>> http://www.fortruthis.com/gaelmcgear/fanfictionpage.html its written by an awesome author called gaedhal and the first chapter is called "Lasagna" ,you will love this,its been recced on my community by myself and Kathleen 7wildwaysup who recced it to me in the first place *loves her* :)

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