Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Too tired to think of a title tonight :/

Im not at myself tonight,im feeling kinda down in the dumps :(

I know its bed time now (its 01.17) and tomorrow is a new day and everything,I hope I will feel better within myself then.

Im ordering a banner with Gale on it tomorrow from the town,its for my birthday which is at the end of the month (the 27th),im getting that and £50 from my parents to the "Yvones "still" going to Paris" funds lol,im still very excited about that :)

Now im off to bed to get a good sleep,my new lifestyle gets me tired very quickly now (im so unfit),its keep fit class tomorrow evening and im looking forward to it.

Bye for now and nighty night all :)
Huge hugs x,Yvonne

Banner made by blossombunny
Tags: bday, me, tired
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