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Is it really a year now! And a few more things!

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I don't know where to begin with tonights post, so I will begin where I feel its most important,its all behind the cut if you would like to read.


Ok,I will start of by saying its one year ago tonight that Mark (my niece Jordans dad) went missing,and everyone believes its tonight he died,so its his anniversary today.

Heres a pic of him and Jordan,she loved him more than life itself (as im sure you know...all kids do),I really can't believe its been a year now,it doesn't even seem that long,hes badly missed by all.

I must get her up to have a "Charmed" night soon,she loves that show,I don't thinks its too bad.

The next week might be hard for her so im gonna make sure I visit her when I can,I am crazy about all my nieces and my nephew,but I feel she needs attention from as many people as possible right now,I may of course be wrong,she may not want anyone near her lol,but im here if she does and she knows that.


Last night I was at the hospital because I had a very bad fit (the last one was in November).

After it happened my mom (she was with me)was hysterical and called an ambulance and when she told them what happened they said that I should go and get checked right away,so it was a big ambulance ride for me!

My mom said I had asked her in an agitated when I asked her why she was humming,then it looked like I was going to hit her (I would never hit her...or anyone,thats just not in me at all)and then I started screaming and fell to the ground shaking violently,she said it sounded like I hit my head and she was terrified that I busted my head open.

The only thing that hurt was the side of my face (its very red and must have been what I hit when I landed) and my knee cap.

I was at the hospital for and hour getting checked,blood work and a million questions,then the doc came back and said everything was normal and I could go home,I was really happy abot that.

Today im fine,my head is abit heavy and my face and knee is abit sore,also but im fine now thankfully.


And last but not least,my healthy lifestyle is still going great,I wasn't out last night or tonight,but im getting back to it tomorrow (also I missed the cook it class last night but can come from next week onwards thankfully).

Its two weeks ago tonight since I started it (im kinda proud of that)

Okay,im off now to read some fanfic as its been a full day of family here asking me everydeep breath I take...are you ok? (I know they mean well and im so grateful for them all).

Lets see,what am I reading now...oh,its "Negation" by jane2005 and if you would like to give it a shot here is a link ---> http://jane2005.livejournal.com/42468.html the link to the next chapter is at the bottom,im at 13 so far,its a Brian rape fic and its really well written :)

Chat soon,love you all ;)

Okay,chat soon all,love ya <3

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