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Another Day Gone

Its been such a tireing day and I never even did anything to make me tired which I find rather strange!

Anywho,im gonna go and get some coffee and watch season four of QAF (I love this show so much its retarded)lol,seriously I do,I can't get enough of Brian and Justin at all,or Gale and Randy,if I don't watch something with Gale in it,im likly to be cranky all day long hehehe.

I coloured my hair and its red red red now (not Debbie red but close enough) im told it suits my new personalty alot (what ever that means) lol.

All center activity is cancelled tomorrow and the next day due to a death in my park.

Ok,im off now for that coffee and to watch my boys,I might even do a few more chapters of one of my new stories while I watch(im working on two).

Love you all :)

Sorry,I don't know the maker,found pooh bear on google last year
Tags: life, qaf, season four
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