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I finally watched Vanished,what did I think?

Again a special "Thanks" to qafmaniac
Im putting thi under the cut as it may drag on or you might not have watched it,so it will contain spoilers,sorry.

I really enjoyed the show alot except for the obvious (if you watched it,you'll know what I mean).

Gales performance in the show was just awesome (I knew it would be) and I really felt he cared alot about finding the senators wife,I really did,and his wife was lovely wasn't she.

over all,I give what I saw (just Gales episodes like I asked for) a 10 out of 10,for exceptional performance from him (most of the time I was imagining him cuffing me to the...yah,ok what was I saying,oh yea Gale in the show was really wonderful and im so happy to have been able to watch it,more than you all realise (its possible I may need help lol) but I just loved it...until episode seven *throws daggers at Fox*.

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