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Thank you to two very special folks

Today I had two most awesome surprises to wake up to,the first was my mail....A very special thanks to qafmaniac for sending me "Vanished" on dvd (I was screaming around my sitting room when I opened them,even the mail man came back to see if I was alright and...ok,never mind lol),but yea,I was so happy to have recieved them and they work like a charm,thanks so much hon,you just became my new best friend...RUN NOW, RUN NOW!!!lol.

Also a very special thank you to my wonderful Nicky ifuseeknicky (I will never tire saying that hehehe) for changing my layout to leave totally breathless (thats never happened with a layout before...I swear) you can see it here and give the lad lots of praise ---> yvonnereid

I will do a post later about other stuff if I get time hehehe,I know what im doing this evening :)
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