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Update and umm....other wee things hehehe

Ok,I thought I would just say that last night was the first week since I joined mywalking club and I feel effing great tonight,I really do :)

I have decided to do a weekly update each week which means I won't be saying that I did it each day anymore,just on a Wednesday or Thursday night from now on,it will give me something else to look forward to doing I think.
So yea,great week,did alot im proud of and feel wonderful :) (Yaaay me hehehe)

On to the wee things now...tomorrow evening im joining a keep fit class which will be on every Friday at 7.30 I think until 8.30...then I have the whole weekend free (fuck I have had a busy week this week lol,I loved it)

Monday walking again,Tuesday im joining a cook it class (it helps us to cook healthier food...yummy),Wednesday is my walking club,Thursday is my life coach course class and then Friday its back to keep fit again...I will of course be walking each night during the week aswell (if I can of course,im hopeing at least four nights anyway),so its another busy week ahead and im so excited about that...am I crazy? lol

Im just so happy about all of this and I already feel it can be a great routine to get me started off and maybe better things will come along. :):):)

Please say nice things and make me feel good about my first week lol,im buying a new hair colour on Saturday and I can't wait to get it in ;)

Butterfly by brutal
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