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Expect nothing less

I am very happy within myself to~day because I feel things are going well :)
I went for a few walks (not working up much of a sweet this time on any of them)but I still enjoyed them.

Posted a belated parcel to the winner of my competition over on queer_as_fics (Sorry its late Mia edom56 and.....got a new hair cut with a frindge (pic is under the cut)

Wow,I was just saying to my hair dresser that I didn't have a frindge since I left high school when I was seventeen,im now 31...32 coming on the 27th of this month so thats a long time lol.

I really love the frindge alot,it makes me feel more confident for some reason...you know,I think I know what it is,go under the cut and read what I think it is hehehe.

You there?

Ok,I think I have more confidence today because for years I hid behind my hair,it was always the one boring length and I kept it covering my face alot.

I hated my face,I still do but im not as bothered by it since I know im doing something with more will power, this time..to get the fat of it.

I saw my doctor today and she weighed me,im 100 kilograms (almost 16 stone) so to say im embarrassed by that is an understatement but again,im now doing something about it so im not bothered (would you have loved me more if I was a slimmer lady?).

Ok,im gonna stop talking now,just wanted to get that of my chest,here is some pics of my baby in her new coat and (god help us)....one of me with my new frindge,taken....about an hour ago lol.

(on my own behalf I just want to say.....im in major need of a brest reduction lol,I have carried a huge chest since I was 14 years old,the rest caught up when I quit smoking a few years ago)

Flowers by crystalra1ndr0p

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