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Expect nothing less

I am very happy within myself to~day because I feel things are going well :)
I went for a few walks (not working up much of a sweet this time on any of them)but I still enjoyed them.

Posted a belated parcel to the winner of my competition over on queer_as_fics (Sorry its late Mia edom56 and.....got a new hair cut with a frindge (pic is under the cut)

Wow,I was just saying to my hair dresser that I didn't have a frindge since I left high school when I was seventeen,im now 31...32 coming on the 27th of this month so thats a long time lol.

I really love the frindge alot,it makes me feel more confident for some reason...you know,I think I know what it is,go under the cut and read what I think it is hehehe.

the rest is in here,click meCollapse )
Tags: charlie new coat, frindge, new me, pic of me
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