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Going Out Kinney Style

Title: Going Out Kinney Style
Pairings or Characters: Brian/Justin
Genre: AU
Summary: It Brian’s wake
Rating: all ages
Beta: Unbeta’ed, all mistakes are mine
Author's Note: I know,I know you don’t like reading Brian death fics (I don’t either) but I couldn’t get this out of my head and had it wrote in 15 mins flat. Its quite funny I thought
Give it a shot, you might think so too :)
Disclaimer: Come on!! If I owned the show, would I have made the ending for shit and be using the hottest characters for my fics?…I think not.
So Yah, I don’t own and have no connections to the show. Its all owned by Cowlip and Showtime.
Feedback: I would love to read your thoughts on this

I wrote a smallish fic I hope you might like to read,I thought it was so funny when I wrote it,and so like Brian,why not read it and see what you think?

Heres the link ---> Going Out Kinney Style

Blinkie made by cherany
Tags: fics, pimping
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