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Need your help again please...and other stuff

First of all,Its Sunday night here so I hope you all had a great weekend,mine was not so bad,I never went out yesterday cause it was too wet but I went out today and walked up a right bit of sweat which made me happy (my father is my new walking partner until he goes home).

All is still going good with my plans to take off weight and be fitter and healthy :)

I opened a journal over on insane journal cause there is really good fics in there aswell,problem is I have no idea how to put in a layout in there,anyone wanna help with that?

Here is what I have so far --->> http://yvonnereid.insanejournal.com/ and I would like to post my new fic in there when its done so it needs alot of work at the min,any help will be greatly tahnked for :)

Speaking of,im in the middle of writing a new fic called "Dirty Dancing Queer as Folk Style" and its gonna be awesome when its done I think (or I hope I should say) but it should soon be finished as I have been working on it for a while now and then its off to be beta'ed by our most awesome Lyss a_life_defiant *loves her*

I was very bad today and switched on the computer an hour before I should have hehehe (don't tell anyone) I got really bored and just decided that since my uncle was visiting my dad that one day wouldn't hurt to use it earlier than after dinner like I said I would.

Im off now to read some stories but again,if you can help me with getting up a layout for insane journal,I will be more than thankful,take care,Yvonne x

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