Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Things are looking up =]

Im proud of myself today,I know its silly given im only on day three,but today I walked fast for a good hour until I was soaked through (never did that before hehehe),anywho I felt great when I got home and I still feel great now (you guys are still my cheer leaders right?)

This evening I got a certificate from level one of the computer course I did last year (remember that),yea I didn't continue on with it and can't remember why,but when it comes back again (the course) I can just skip on to level two hehehe.
Its a qualifacation if nothing else =]

What else...I guess the only thing about this post is that im proud of how things are going at the moment for me,im putting in alot of effort to look good and be healthier for when I go to France and for just in general I think.

My skin looks alot better since I stopped eating rubbish and I just feel great all around,yea,I guess this post is nothing spectecular as its all about me me me lol.

Ok,have a great weekend guys and on Monday I will be back with more about how things are going,I want to share all of this with you guys if thats ok ;)))

Later xoxoxox

P.S,just so you don't forget (I wouldn't want that at all)...,im still a Gale and Randy nut hehehe

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