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Just a quickie before bed (not that kind)

Just before I go to bed...I will answear these five questions given to me by the most awesome freakish_ct *clears throat*

1. Choose one of these and tell me the reason for choice: Brian Kinney or Justin Taylor

A: Justin Taylor...cause he gets Brian to fu...is that my ear ring on the floor...bends down to pick it up and goes to next question

2. What is your most favourite season of Queer As Folk and why?

A: Oh,I love them all but season one is my answear for this...where it all began :)

3. What is your most favourite episode of Queer As Folk and why?

A: I don't really have a fave cos I love every ep,but I always laugh when Brian,Michael and Ted are driving home in Brians Jeep from...woody's I think(in season two) ,and Brian says "Little Mikey's jealous and then goes on to say to Ted "Do you think he slipped her the big greaser" hahahahaha,no matter how many times I watch that eppy,it makes me laugh but...yah ok onto the next lol

4. Other than Brian and Justin, which other couple on the show that you... err... ship? If yes, why?

A: None,im a Brian and Justin shipper all the way...how ever I adore Emmette and George hehehe

5. Any other shows that you like other than Queer As Folk? (I do wanna know though haha)

A: You are a rascle with this one hehehe,none that I can think of...oh wait,I like Charmed at the min,and I haven't watched Gales episodes of Vanished yet,I may like that.I will tell you a show I can't stand anymore...Friends *grinds teeth and shivers*...its never off the tv,im so sick of it.

Whats next....oh thats it hahahaha,I loved these questions,thanks hon :)

I have a question for whomever reads this entry....

Q:would you like me to give you five questions?
Leave your answear in comments

*goes to put missing ear ring back with the other one and heads to bed cause its been a long day...night flist*

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