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Making that change =]

Today was the start of a new me!!!
I started with the walking club which is being run by our local center,it was alot of fun...why I never did this before I have no idea.

Anyway,I was waaaay at the front which I was very impressed about given I haven't walked that fast in years lol,I can't wait to do it again tomorrow!

I also decided that im going to be alot happier in myself and not let spiteful people get me down,even put some people out of my life if I have to (im not gonna be the quiet mouse everyone wants me to be anymore and take shit from them,im better than that.

My life coaching class starts up again next Thursday and I missed going to it,so im glad about that.

I feel so different within myself already...its fucking great hahaha (sorry for swearing)!

Isn't Charlie cute in the pic,it was taken yesterday afternoon,she was a big grumpy head because she wanted to eat more of my dinner but she had just had her dog food and some of my moms lol,little rascle hehehe.

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