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I need your help with please

Im still looking where I can for Vanished (just Gales episodes),I would watch it on the computer but the way I pay for being online won't allow for me to even watch it,and I was thinking maybe if one of you watched it online and saved it to a memory stick or pendrive and sent it to me (Will pay whatever it costs for shipping ect..) I will be eternally grateful to you :) *Begs...again*

If you can help with this I will do anything for you in return (make a video dedicated to you,a fic...fuck off and never talk tou again,anything lol)

Made by hisescape

Edited: Thank you to Qaffy qafmaniac (such a cute name hehehe) who will be sending them when she can *loves her alot*
Tags: friends, gale harold, help, memory stick, pendrive, vanished
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