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January 1st 2011

So,its the first day of 2011...how many of you are dieing with hangovers today?
My mom has one and im guessing both my sister does too (my nieces stayed here last night and are staying tonight again).

My other sister whos daughter is Jordan doesn't get bad hangovers, she doesn't drink very much anyway,and me....I don't drink at all,I take a few sips of wine at Christmas day dinner and a few sips of Baily's on NYE,which I did last night.

Its my niece Jordans birthday today,shes 15 years old (it only seems like yesterday that I was that age,now im gonna be 32 in 26 more days time :(, I am getting old)

Anyway,I hope you all had agreat night at mid-night what ever you were doing,I was reading a great story called "Emerald Enchantment" By galeandrandy which is here ---> Emerald Enchantment and listening to everyone in my sitting room yelling Happy New Year to each other,so I went down and sat for half an hour with them,my folks were in a great mood and my nieces were such a joy also :)

I got a new lay out,I managed to put it in myself by choosing my own colours (I admit it was tweaked in a few places by Nicky ifuseeknicky,but I love it alot,have alook here yvonnereid and see what you think!

Ok,im off now to find a new story to read,any recs?

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