Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Happy New Year Flist

Im so excited about 2011,about going to France to see Paris (and meet Nicky),wow,and so many other things too :) Im hoping to learn stuff and meet lots of new people,lose weight *crosses fingers* and just be happy in general (I hope you guys are all happy too).

I just finished reading a great story by Rory galeandrandy that I loved alot,im going to post ten fics you should read over on my fics community shortly.

Also I posted that message from Gale when he was in New York (when my sister met him last January) into my video community (its here bjtube if you would like to join,you can post stuff there too,your fave Briand and Justin or Gale and Randy videos).

Isn't the pic in this post hot,I went into a site called picnik and made the blue colour,its amazing what can be done,then I softened it up aboit and added some effects to the sides hehehe,ok im off now now to make that post on my fics community but I just want to say to you all this first ----> 2010 has been a somewhat hard time for me,in January my niece lost her dad and I swear to God I couldn't have gotten through that without you all,you were my rockand thats the truth,then Jackie sexy_pumpkin getting me Gales autograph after his play in LA really made me smile *still loves her* also all the other stuff that was hard asell you guys helped me with,espcially that bad patch I went through last month about my cousin and seeing his pic on facebook.Getting Randys Autograpg from Judy bigj52 and Gloria masterglory...yep,I truly have the most kind,careing and loving friends on livejournal,thank you all of you -----> HERES TO 2011!!! *Holds up a cup of coffee* CHEERS EVERYONE XOXOXOXOX

By jeanamarie

Brian and Justin graphic by paurbaby
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