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Writer's Block: The times they are a-changing

How would you describe the last decade in one sentence?

Wow,I like this question...I think :)

The last ten years for me went something like this ---> First of all Queer as folk was made (I only saw the UK version and knew about that,it was on channel four in 2000 I think hehehe.(Even then I was hot for gay men and I was only...20 hehehe)

It was around 2001  that I met my first real boyfriend Paul and after about five months we moved in together,after the first year living with him I became miserable and he became a bully,so three years later he dumped me (I became depressed and withdrew completly from him) I was never so happy that I was dumped.

In 2006 I sold my house in the north and and bought a cottage down south, and let my parents move in with me (they always wanted to live down south),it was fun for a while but since its in the arse hole of nowhere,I became miserable again,I lived there for about a year and then I moved back up north into my sister Emmas house,I think I lived there for a year before getting the house im in now,I quit smoking in 2007 and also came across the American version of Queer as Folk , Gale Harold and Randy Harrison in 2007,and have been hooked ever since hehehehe.

I came joined livejournal in May 2009 (it says on my profile page lol) and made wonderful friends on here who also share a love for Queer as Folk,and Gale and Randy like I do.
Jackie  <lj user="sexy_pumpkin"/>  got me Gale Harolds autograph after his play in LA last year (she was also the first person I remember talking to  on here) *loves her*,Judy <lj user="bigj52"/>   got me Randy Harrisons autograph when he was at stockbridge (I think) about six months ago *loves her and finally Gloria  <lj user="masterglory"/> also got me Randys autograph in October  when he was in Paris *loves her also*.(would still love some more hehehe).

So I believe im truly blessed to have such great friends on here,and I talk to Nicky <lj user="ifuseeknicky"/>  on skype quite abit *loves him too*.

I got a dog that I didn't want a few years ago...she became Charlie whom I now can't live without :)
I live alone with her but my house never really empties of family.

Lets see what else I can tell you,oh right....I put on a shit load of weight since I quit smoking (gonna try and take alot off this coming year) and in June or July...im going to see Paris with my sister Madge (have wanted to since I was at high school,not only that....im going to meet Nicky <lj user="ifuseeknicky"/> (hopefully)
I think the last decade has ben fucking crazy!!! lol,heres to 2011 <3
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