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Epiphany (New Year,New Me)

Tonight I watched a few episodes of "Charmed" with my niece Aimee whos ten, and she asked me if all the stuff in the show was real,witches and magic ect...Obviously I told her it wasn't and it was just pretend,but something strange happened to me when I watched the second episode...I had an epiphany,I saw myself as one of the characters in the show who was like...25 I think turned into an old lady and I saw that as being me,(the old lady,having the best days of her life taken from her) and then I made a decision...I need to change my life...now.

Im not very happy,im miserable actually.

Im over weight,I have no friends (im not really interested in the ones I did have anymore and they have families anyway,kids I mean and never really keep in contact, and when I do,they are busy)so I need new ones.

I want to make 2011 the year that beats the rest in my past,I want to lose weight,get a new hair style,get new friends,get a better social life,have more fun and forget all about why im the way I am to begin with,because of my fucked up past.

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