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25 December 2011 @ 21:58
My Christmas Day (Merry Christmas all my friends list)  

Its almost 10.00 pm now and christmas day is over,I had a lovely day with my family and got lots of lovely gifts....new phone,body wash sets (sniffs under arms) yep,I will def need those lol,lots of sweets (looks in mirror) yep,I def DON'T need those, clothes,money to help me save for Paris (bet you haven't heard that for a while lol),make up (looks in mirror) need lots of that...badly lol,and a whole lotta love,so I had a great day.

I am enjoing reading all the posts about your day and the posts for qaf_giftxchnge (mine is a beatiful video which you can watch here if you want A video gift for me

I also wrote a fic gift to dopps doppelgangerqaf which im gonna repost anyway in bjfic and at my community,its called "Bad Boys",its not bad,it gave me a few laughs writing it,I think I will post it now actually.

I went to bed last night at 11.45 pm and got up again around three and couldn't get back to sleep,so I watched the last four episodes of queer as folk in season three just before the hot office sex,no wonder it felt hot in here last night lol,ok goodnight all ,love ya loads xx

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balrogtweety: B/J hugbalrogtweety on 25th December 2010 23:06 (UTC)
I went to click on the video and was denied.

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas.
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 25th December 2010 23:45 (UTC)
Oh,sorry about that,I think you have to be a member,thanks for pointing that out sweet Jane,I hope you had a wonderful day also hon
Huge hugs x
ridiculously romanticrromantic on 26th December 2010 06:28 (UTC)
"new phone"

what type of phone?

glad you had a great day, hon!!


Lynspike7451 on 26th December 2010 13:22 (UTC)
Glad you had a really great day. *hugs*
guavejuice: pic#106620705guavejuice on 26th December 2010 13:45 (UTC)
good to know you had a nice time ,hon.
watching QaF,esp those eps you mentioned,is a great way to round up a holiday weekend =D
I would have loved to read your fic.
is the link? *points above to your entry*