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My Christmas eve (Merry Christmas all my friends list)

Its now 7.20 pm and we just got the house cleared visitors (I love my family).
I spent the las hour washing,blow drying and straightening my niec Aimees hair and then painting her nails (shes 10 but acts like a teenager lol),anyway that was fun to do.

All is set now for tomorrow,im going to my sisters house with my parents and also my sister Emma and her daughter Jordan (Its a family christmas dinner,well except for my brother but he might call in the evening),all in all,everyone is excited and for me its been my fave Christmas eve for years I think.

I thought I would share some pics with you that aren't of Gale and Randy (or Brian and Justin hehehe) but of my park in the snow (it still looks like this),Charlie,and my two nieces Aimee and Alicia.

And on that note I want to again wish you all a merry christmas (and Gale and Randy of course hehehe) and a wonderful 2011)

Pics are under the cut

This is Aimee,I love her to bits :)

This is Aimees sister Alicia,I love her to bits also,shes so comical lol,I have no pics at this time of my nephew :)

This is Aimee (in the pink night robe with the dots),and her frind Chloe at the play last night,I was in stitches most of the night hahaha :)

Here is my little baby girl,I have to play with this pic and put a santa hat on her,how cute will that be hehehe :)

Here is where I live,this pic is at the side of my house,its still really bad with snow,this pic was taken a few days ago :)

Here is just outside my house,I love it with the snow,its ugly without it hahahaha :)

This is an area of the park I live in :)

Another area of my park :)

Well,thats all the pics,thanks for looking at them,its nice (and different lol) to share personal pics with you all,merry christmas :)

Gale and Randy by cooljameslb
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