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Ramble on yvonne

Beautiful graphic made for me by paurbaby *hugs her*

Tonight I went to the little show that my local center put together because my niece Aimee was it...it was such a beautiful treat I must say.
We waved alot to each other and some of the guests kept looking at me each time she waved at me,it was funny (I swear to you she waved first *does evil grin*),anyway it was an awesome show and im so happy I went,my niece was outstanding in it :)

When I got home I looked up the comments to my fic "Sexual Fantasies" and I got an "Im sorry" from the person who left the negative comment yesterday which im glad about because like I said to the lass...lj is my safe haven to get away from real life and I love being here...or something like that.

Anyway,chapter two is up now,I didn't have time to post chapter three but I will tomorrow,im still waiting for the next chapter of "The Blond Angel" to come back from my beta too so im busy with writing at the min,im loving it alot :)

Huge hugs x

Graphic made by cooljameslb
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