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Ramble on yvonne

My folks are heading out to a Christmas dinne tonight courtesy of the Macca center where my dad volunteers his services sometimes,he used to work there in the past full time (actually he is the one that spent alot of years trying to get the place built) here is a link to what the center looks like if anyone is interested --->>> http://macca-omagh.com/4.html, I go there to classes and do office work some times, im not going to the dinner tonight though.

Anyway,moving on from that,its still feezing outside (Charlie is hiding at the back of my bed and won't come out because she thinks im going to take her out) I had to shovel most of the snow in my garden so can can do her business out there.

I just made my nieces dinner with me and now they are away to a sitter because my sister Madeline is going to the meal,I told her I didn't feel like babysitting tonight.I asked my sister was it selfish I didn't want to and she said no,thankfully.
I just want to read some stories or make some banners/graphics :)

I have to wax my eyebrows tonight so I want to get that done aswell and get my clothes sorted for Saturday aswell :)

Ok,im off now,this is just a check in post really,I have nothing exciting to say tonight,love you all,later...Yvonne x

Ps,I love my new icon hehehe

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