Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

My post for today lol

Today was a good day I think,I got my house cleaned and everything is now all set for the big day (even though its at my sister Madelines house this year),im really looking forward to it.

Im writing a small fic at the min which I hope to get posted soon (I have great stories in my head,im just shit at telling them lol,I guess thats what my sweet princess Lyss a_life_defiant is for (shes my beta)*loves her*.

Do you like my new icon *points to it* it was made for me by swtxlove and I love it alot (hugs Rena rainbow1907 for reccing her work)im so happy with it.

Tonight im spending time with my youngest niece Aimee,I think she wants us to watch a christmas movie shes bringing with her.
The other night she stayed and we watched "Home Alone",I have seen like zillion times but its still my fave movie for Christmas time and I always thought Kevin McCallister was the cutest child actor I had ever saw,I still do thaink that.

I saw a few mistakes in my second gift tou guys (the fic) so I fixed it today,I just through it up at the last min yesterday,its careless I know,but I was in a hurry hehehe.You can read the fixed part here ---> revamped Version hehehe But now im off to see if I can find a story to read for a few hours or so im off to that, have a great night guys, love you all loads :)

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