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Im so pleased!

My sister and niece and others have now seen the video I asked Nicky to make for my niece and they all think its really beautiful.

My sister watched it last night and phoned me afterwards,she said it had brought tears to here eyes,it did the same for my niece today but Emma said Jordan loved it alot,im so glad about that.

Marks mom and brother have to see it yet.

I haven't done a stroke house work today yet (my Monica streak must be leaving me lol)im feeling so lazy.

The snow is still bad,my mom and niece Aimee had to walk to the town today,they are still gone and my dad is visiting his mom so im all alone with just Charlie who is looking out my window sitting on my bed.

I WILL now go and do my house work,no point in putting it off just because I feel lazy lol.

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Tags: house work, jordan, lazy, mark, video
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