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Snowed in

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Wow,theres like eight inches of snow here today,it said on the news that this country hasn't seen snow like this in twenty five years,its very deep (and scary).

All the schools are closed and so the kids were sent home today,Charlie seems to love jumping in the snow when shes out for her walk,my dad took her today,im so glad I came home last night instaed of Sunday cos I may have gotten stranded,it gives alot more snow tonight and tomorrow,its very cold here.

I got our sweet friend Lyss a_life_defiant to beta that fic "If Someone Had Known" and I reposted it in my fics community and bjfic, im not gonna repost into my journal because I don't want to.

I also got a few more chapters of "The Blond Angel" done aswell and hope to have them posted before the new year, one has been sent to my beta princess but im not expecting her to work on it until...well when ever she gets time, its a busy time of year,after xmas will be perfectly fine by me.....Its hot sex time for the boy's hehehehe

Incase you want a recap of where things are you go here -->> Chapter One and here -->> Chapter Two Just incase you haven't read and would like to :)

I love where im taking the story too!!

Im currently working on a new story aswell so im excited about that :)

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