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Happy weekend

Having just done my house work,im now listening to Mariah Carey's All I want for christmas on the radio lol,it just came on.

The snow has mostly melted,still very slippy in places though,wish it would have snowed when its actually christmas instead of a week or two before hahaha

Im putting my tree up this weekend (I know that my whole park had theirs up on Dec 1st but I was away for a week and don't follow other peoples ways anyway,mostly.
I do things when it suits me,thats not new for me because I like to be different anyway.

I still have to send out cards and gifts yet,money is kinda tight at the min but I do hope to get some of them out tomorrow and the rest next week,so if you get yours late then please forgive me for that.

I have nothing much to do this evening or this weekend,I don't really make plans,I just see what happens and so far it looks like it will be quiet which is not bad.

Well,im off now to see if theres any fics I can read,I have read "Bring me to life" by aschicca like a hundred times,but im gonna give it another go I think,if you haven't read it,you should,heres the link to the masterpost that she was kind enough to put in my community queer_as_fics

*Group hugs*

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