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QAF 30 day meme

I thought that since I never finish 30 day meme's I will just do them all today lol,all answers are behind the cut so you can pop in and have a peek if you like,its a long post so bring cookies and milk hehehe :)

Day 1 - How did you come to Queer as Folk and the fandom?

Like many of you (from what I have read) I came across Queere as Folk on youtube.
I was looking for John Barrowman (godbless him for helping me find these two men hehehe) when he was in Torchwood and I saw these two men in a clip wearing a tux and dancing with the name "Queer as Folk" and I remember thinking "I never saw them in Queer as Folk before (I had seen the UK version and didn't know that America had made a show of this too.
Anyway,I began watching more and more clips but the very first time I saw Brian,I just thought he was the most beautiful man I had ever saw,and I ordered season one within the first month of that very clip,then I was hooked!

I didn't know about the fandom until after Gale had his accident and I remember one of the very first people I spoke to was Jackie sexy_pumpkin,I don't actually remember how I came across livejournal itself but I think its the best thing that ever happened.

Day 2 - Your favorite QaF season?

I love season two the most (and the rest the same,and I love them all alot lol)

Day 3 - Your favorite QaF episode

Ummm,I don't really think I can pick just one, sorry

Day 4 - Your favorite QaF season intro episode

Seson one episode one,it was just hard to beat

Day 5 - Your favorite QaF season finale

Season three,because they were happy at the end and the scene was just magical!

Day 6 - Your favorite storyline

I think its the Cancer storyline because as brave and everything else Brian believed himself to be,it showed that he was just human like like everone else and that it was ok to ask for help and support,even though he didn't really do that until quite late.

Day 7 - Your favorite main character

*Thinks long and hard*=>=>=> Brian of course hehehe

Day 8 - Your favorite minor character

I loved Vic

Day 9 - Your least favorite character


Day 10 - Your favorite couple

Brian and Justin

Day 11 - Your favorite friendship

Brian and Michael

Day 12 - Your favorite scene

Too many to think of,sorry

Day 13 - Your favorite sex scene

All of them,ummm ok I loved the chair sex in season.....four was it? oh jeez,im watching them all again,I can't believe I don't remember that hahahaha

Day 14 - Your favorite funny scene

The one where Ted is driving Brian and Micheal home in the jeep and Brian asks Micheal (about Horvath and his mom) "Do you think he slipped her the big greaser) hahahaha,I always laugh hard at that

Day 15 - A scene that makes you sad/cry

Believe it or not,the only scene that does it everytime I have watched it,is Brian saying I love you,everytime I watch,I cry.

Day 16 - A scene that makes you happy

Season three,the last scenes of Brian and Justin,I just feel so happy when I watch them

Day 17 - A scene that makes you angry/pissed you off

Season two,gay pride: Hobbs in the hospice place and still trying to taunt poor Justin (yes I know he was put there by those assholes for community service) but I hated the way he shuffled forward fast and scared him,he was just evil doing that.

Day 18 - Something that you wish never happened

Umm,tough one but I will say the bashing

Day 19 - Something that you wish happened but didn’t

Easy,wedding of the year for Brian and Justin

Day 20 - Your favorite Debbie t-shirt

Need head lol,I also loved her apron that said "I keep the best snacks under my apron hahahaha

Day 21 - Your favorite outfit worn on the show

Brians at the senators party,leather biege pants (I wanted to rip them off slowly and that shirt too,even slower (sorry,im such a slut for him in that outfit lol)

Day 22 - Your favorite song from the show

Heather Small "Proud" both versions

Day 23 - Your favorite place

Brians loft hehehe

Day 24 - Your favorite QaF quote

I laugh at this alot :

Brian: Good evening, twats.
Emmett: Would you kindly refrain from using derogatory references to women, since they represent half my fan base.
Brian: Have any hermaphrodites?
Emmett: I don't think so.
Brian: Good. Go fuck yourself.


Day 25 - Your favorite QaF one-liner

Brian: So in other words, for Justin to live here with you, he has to deny who he is... what he thinks... and how he feels. Well, that's not love. That's hate.

Day 26 - Your favorite advice or wisdom from the show

Brian to Justin: Don't let anyone fuck you without a condom

Day 27 - Your favorite QaF fanvid

Its this one by ifuseeknicky

Day 28 - Your favorite QaF fanfic

Im not gonna pick one because I love them all alot

Day 29 - Your favorite QaF fanart (icon, wallpaper etc)

Too many to list so im gonna choose one I made myself hehehe

Day 30 - Do you have any QaF related items? And if you could own one item from the sets, what would it be?

I own a Brian kinney cowery shell bracelet but if I could own an actual item from the set it would be Brains chaise (the long chair where the ice cream kiss happened)

Awesome graphic by paurbaby
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