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I love Livejournal

I love livejournal alot,I really do

When I come on here its to escape my life and read all about what my flist are up to in theirs

Also I love reading the fanfics (Brian and Justin/Gale and Randy) and finding out news about them and what they are up to aswell

All in all,I love Livejournal :)

What I don't like however,is when someone says something that causes problems and fallouts and drama in the place, because it creates a bad atmosphere which is why when I see that happening from now on,im not gonna comment because its too easy to get dragged in and I want my time on here (no matter how long or short) to be fun and enjoyable for me and to not be unfriended by any of you

Of course I believe everyone has their own opinions on Gale and Randy and Brian and Justin and that fine,I except that

If anyone is interested.....heres mine => I love them both,the actors themselves and the characters they have played (that I know of that is hehehe)

I never met Gale or Randy but the visual I have of them in my head is that are really nice guys who have off days like the rest of us and they are both really hot too :)

But Livejournal is my quiet place to get away from life and I love being here alot,and I love my flist too :)

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