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Im baaaaaaaack lol,I got back this afternoon and I had a great time!!!

I stuffed my face like there was no tomorrow (they are such great cooks in that house hehehe) and I got all of my Christmas presents too.

I even picked up gifts for Judy bigj52 and Gloria masterglory (at last they say lol) for getting me Randy's autograph and will try and get them posted before xmas and if not it will be the second week after the new year.

Im planning on posting my parcels tomorrow or Tuesday and my cards before Friday,so if I owe you one,you will get it soon lol.

Also,if you left my fics community queer_as_fics cos of the heavy posting due to the competition,its now ended so you can come back any time now if you wish to (I told you I would let you know when the coast was clear lol)

Im off now to find a good story to read,its really great to be back :)

Graphic by paurbaby
Tags: brian kinney, community, ended, gifts, pic, queer as fics, vacation
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