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How was your week

So its Monday,the first day of the week and a new begining (I had a shit weekend)
but im more on top of things now thankfully,im going to be packing my bags later because im going to my aunts house in the country (they asked me to come up when they put thier tree up because my cousin whos daughter is only four....wants me there) so im looking forward to that,it will be Sunday when im coming back so no computer unti then,im going in the morning.

I am also going Christmas shopping on Friday which im really looking forward to alot,I don't know what it is about buying gifts for family and friends that has me all in a tizzy lol,but I enjoy doing it.

When im gone im gonna try and write another fic (nothing depressing this time,a nice christmas one I think with alot of hot Brian and Justin sex hehehe,I already know in my head what the story is too,so that should be good to read.

Im off now to grab a cuppa coffee and read some more of that wonder fic by Rory galeandrandy that has me hooked,its called "A captivating couple" and you can find it here --->>> http://community.livejournal.com/queer_as_fics/319625.html theres alot to read but its really worth it, im totally hooked.

Must remember to make a post on my fics community later too,ok off now chat later :)

Huge hugs x

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