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Its really cold today

I have just recieved quite a few pm's and emails from my wonderful flist saying you are/have removed yourself from my community queer_as_fics and will return when things in there calm down.

I will understand if more of you do the same, you can always rejoin at a later date cos it is kinda mad in there at the min with all the awesome fics that are being given to us,so no worries here
*squishes you all*

I had no access to the internet at all last night due to the snow storm here so I wrote a fic that practically drained me emotionally due to the content,im gonna post it a little later today,it does have a warning so please read that before you read the story,thanks.

The fic have twelve chapters including the epilogue at the end and I think its my best yet,due to the content and the fact that its kinda personal,im just gonna post it as is....without a beta,im off now soon,to make the banner for it.

I hope you are all having a great weekend, since im still a little drained im gonna read some more fics today.

*Huge hugs* x

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