Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Life oh life oh......(im trying to sing lol)

Today was the second day of my life coaching class,we are calling the class "Inspiration for.........Life" and im really loving it alot,today I feel like I can take on the world lol.

Im gonna have to miss next weeks class because im going to my cousins house for the week (they asked me up for when they put up the tree....how could I refuse)plus im taking up the presents,its early I know but I like things to be over and done with sometimes,it lifts a burden hehehe (im just anxious to know if they will like the Scooby pic I made for the little munchkin)

Tonight im gonna read some more "Queer Theories" I was reading an awesome fic Called "Endevour" by galeandrandy if you haven't read it you can do so here => Endevour its very good I think,it has 15 chapters in total.

Im off again,it felt good coming in to make this post <3
Hugs you all tight x

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Tags: fics, galeandrandy, life coaching course, loving it, real life
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