Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Whats been happening

Its been a few days since I made a post in here (I knew something didn't feel right lol) so Ithought I would do one now.

First of all I got the pic for my cousins daughter finished (scooby doo painted onto glass) and I think it looks not bad,im so itching to do Homer Simpson next so im gonna do him,I just need the frame as I got a load of paints yesterday,I will post a pic of Scooby later today if I can.

Im going to my cousins house on Dec 1st to be there when they put thier tree up (I love tree's and decorations at Christmas),alot!!

Im very excited Christmas this year :)

Hugs you all tight x

Ps,im still reading "Queer Theories" by gaedhal and im switching over to fics wrote by another awesome writer called Rory galeandrandy her stuff is addictive (I think all of your stuff is awesome too,don't worry)

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Tags: fics, pics, reading, scooby doo
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