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I had a good day today,very relaxing and just what I needed.
I slept until a little after one pm and then went on my computer and stayed on it til evening time,went to my sisters houses down the park and had a fun evening,im not long back.

I have made some wallpapers im gonna use on my christmas video im making for my community bjtube to post around Christmas time,if you would like to join it you can,and post your video's there or even a video of someone elses that you like,we all love Brian and Justin and Gale and Randy so any videos with these two are very welcome.

Im gonna get back to reading the "Queer Theories" fic that im hooked on,I just can't seem to stop reading it when I get the chance,its like all of your fics....once I start on them,I can't stop lol.

Huge hugs x

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Tags: pimping, queer as folk, reading, real life, videos
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