Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Another fit,but I was consciousness this time

Today I had a fit that was like none I have ever had before,it felt really....wierd and a little scary but im fine now.

I thought that seeing as my parents had just went home (they are here since the whole me finding the pic of my rapist on facebook a few weeks ago,serously), and I thought they would never leave.

Usually they are here when it happens and im not alone,but I was this time.

What makes this one wierd is I felt it all,I felt it coming and I felt it happening and I watched my face in the mirror (I have a wee one beside my computer) and everything that happened was beyond my control,even the throth coming down my chin,I couldn't stop it,and I remember I felt fear,alot of fear.

I tried to talk afterwards,just to say anything but I couldn't for a few mins,I think what I had was known as a Simple partial seizure (I looked it up on google)but I phoned my epileptic nurse and left her a message so I hope shes getting back to me asap.

In the mean time my niece is staying with me tonight,im not going to tell my parents until they come back to the town cos I won't get them to leave again for a long time and as much as I love them,I also love just havng time to myself,now it just feels like im me again and I have been all day so I know im fine anyway,I think the tiny sharp pains at the left hand side of my head for the last few days may have been a warning but I never passed any remarks.

Notes: consciousness,sudden and inexplainable feelings of fear,experiencing of unusual feelings or sensations (tingles in whole body),altered sense of hearing,déjà vu,laboured speech or inability to speak at all,usually the event is remembered in detail (like I said,I remembered it all.

Im just keeping notes so I don't leave anything out,those are the things I felt with this fit.

The whole thing was pretty scary,I probably never was scary in all my life,but I came throught it as always.

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Tags: co, siezures
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