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Today was a good day thankfully

I thought I would pop in and make a post,just cos im hooked on a fic that I don't wanna switch off from, doesn't mean I will abandon my journal or friends :)

So let me tell you about my day....I got word that life coaching class is starting tomorrow at 1.30 pm so im looking forward to that!!!

My little baby got groomed today and looks just adorable (she always does look better when she comes back from the groomer I think).

Im getting started on banners im gonna put into my Video im making on my new community bjtube that you can and be a member of and even make your own video's and post,or post your fave video that someone else made (Brian and Justin/Gale and Randy only please),im making mine to post around Christmas time,why don't you make one for Christmas too???

Ok,im getting back to my story now so will check in again tomorrow and make a post about the class im starting and let you all know how that went.

Love you all,Yvonne x

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