Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Such a cold Sunday

Reading some posts today I realized I haven't anything for christmas gotten yet (I am wrapping up the stuff I made at my art class and giving them away as gifts to my family ,but thats all I have yet).

I also have the gift for my competition winner over on queer_as_fics got aswell,but thats all.

Im gonna have to get cracking this coming week!!!!

Today since its freezing outside (though not windy or raining....just freezing) im gonna continue reading the "Kondo" series by inner_justin which im really hooked on,if you wanna give it a go you can find it here ----->>> Kondo its very good I think.

Also,even if you don't make videos you can still join my new community bjtube here bjtube and just be a member if you like :)

Right,well im off now to get some coffee,a warm cardigan and get back to reading my story again,have a great day what ever you are up to guys,love ya :)
Hugs you all x

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Tags: cold, communities, fics, gifts, qeer as fics, reading, sunday, winner, xmas
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